Architectural drawings for a proposed “boardwalk” and what is anticipated to be a public park area in South Sound have been submitted to the Cayman Islands Central Planning Authority for approval, government officials confirmed Tuesday.

The submission is part of the government’s overall beautification and improvement scheme for the area that involves shifting a section of the two-lane road between the Cayman Crossing subdivision and the South Sound dock.

Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts also said there are plans to use privately held land, with the agreement of the owners, for a public park.

Public Works Director Max Jones said the planning application for the project has received some objections which the department is “working through.”

Mr. Tibbetts said those who drive along South Sound Road will have noticed that some of the roadwork has already begun. The minister said the identified section of the road will be shifted slightly toward the land side to provide more room along the coast.

“It will give us more space to construct the boardwalk and a cycle path,” Mr. Tibbetts said.

Just past Cayman Crossing, the minister said, a park, which has been discussed with the local landowners, will be created to include bathroom facilities near the boat launch ramp. The parking area for the dock will also be extended, he said.

“We’re trying to create a nice ambience there,” Mr. Tibbetts said, “another area where [residents] can go and spend their leisure time.”

Mr. Tibbetts said most of the proposed park land is held privately, but it is too close to the coast for development purposes.

The project, if approved by planning, will add to a number of developments along South Sound Road already under way or planned to start this year, including the construction of a new home for Cayman Enterprise City.

National Roads Authority officials noted that traffic on the road has increased about 66 percent since 2009, although that is mostly due to drivers coming from the eastern districts seeking an alternate route to the already heavily used Linford Pierson Highway and Crewe Road into George Town.

Mr. Tibbetts noted earlier in the assembly’s Finance Committee proceedings that government intends to expand the Linford Pierson Highway to four lanes into town, a project he described as “absolutely necessary.”

“The traffic in the eastern districts is now at the point where they’re experiencing the difficulty that they used to experience … before the East-West Arterial was built,” Mr. Tibbetts said.

The government has budgeted about $3.4 million for islandwide road construction in the upcoming 2016/17 budget proposal.

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  1. I hope that the private land owners have done a 100 year’s agreement with Government, and cannot be used for nothing else but beautification / park with options to renew for a othere 100 year’s.
    Cause what see is that the Government only see the need for more beach front development , and really what do these politicians know about the need for where roads are needed , except only for more beachfront development .