New parking lot for BT park

After years of discussion, work has begun on a new parking lot behind the Bodden Town Mission House. 

When completed, the parking lot, built on government crown land off Ena Close on Anton Bodden Drive, will create 97 new parking spaces for visitors attending functions at Harry McCoy Sr. Community Park, off Gun Square. 

A 12-foot-wide, 430-foot-long footpath will connect the parking lot to the park and other historical sites in the area. 

Work will be completed in time for the Pirates Week Bodden Town Heritage Day activities in November, according to Edison Jackson, senior engineer at the National Roads Authority. 

“There is very limited space on … Cumber Avenue and Gun Square Road, and, when they do anything on Heritage Day or any other times, there is always a problem with parking,” said Mr. Jackson. 

Bodden Town Heritage Committee member Betty Wood said the idea of a walkway from Anton Bodden Drive to the Harry McCoy Park had been discussed for years. 

“Traffic congestion and finding a place to park on Cumber Avenue and Gun Square during events keeps a lot of people from attending,” she said. 

Mrs. Wood said they specifically asked for a walkway and not a vehicular road so as to minimize the impact on nesting birds, animals and flora and fauna in the area. 

Since starting the work last week, National Roads Authority workers encountered a swarm of bees, which put a temporary halt to the work. “We got rid of the bees and the project is back on track,” Mr. Jackson said. 

He said once land clearing and excavation work is complete, the property will be filled and sealed with spray and chip, and 24-inch culverts will be installed in the parking lot. 

New parking lot for BT park

Pedro Watler and Rose Arnold watch as a National Roads Authority excavator clears the bush behind the Bodden Town Mission House to make way for a new parking lot and footpath. – Photo: Jewel Levy


  1. The Parking Lot is a great idea, however I say to Mr Jackson and those involved, my hope is that they remember the reason why Cumber avenue turns into a river sometimes, is just because of what was previously done by National Roads Authority and Planning department. Building elevated parking lots and roads down in the back there, without proper drainage back to the wetlands..
    I do hope this problem is kept in mind and that water from the back wetlands are not forced to be trapped by the new parking lot.
    Once extra care and attention is placed on this and Cumber Avenue is kept dry, then every body will be happy.

  2. Further more to my comments here, I am questioning the Members of Legislative Assembly, to please state clearly on this media or on the radio what is the true purpose of this parking lot that is being built almost quarter a mile in the back of the Mission House. What is the purpose that it is being built down in Look out garden on the edge of private residences homes on government land. Is this parking lot being built for the convenient purposes of the adjoining residences?
    Does the public know that this parking lot was a natural run off pond which prevented flooding of homes in the nearby areas? This parking lot was the home of hundreds of Cayman red foot ducks and long neck white gallings, Cayman land turtles and vegans. What is the true purpose of the parking Lot, except to causing major flooding to homes around the area.
    Mr Alva Suckoo has said that he is aware of the flooding issue, and is hoping to see that the pond does not cause more flooding to the area.
    Mr Suckoo please tell me how you plan to do this. You need to stop being a baby pacifier for the Government. You were not the person heading up this parking lot promise, so why are you being the mouth piece for something you know nothing about.
    Anyone who want to disagree can go ahead, but all I have to say is "Your house is not getting flooded when it rains" so hush up.

  3. Just look at the beauty of the above picture taken only a week or more ago with Amelio Watler and Rose Arnold sitting on a bench at the edge of the wetland pond enjoying the pond reeds, and lilies, whistling ducks and long neck white flamingo birds.. Does this picture looks like it need a parking lot?
    Do not just disagree, tell me why should this wetland be destroyed by putting a car park.

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