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Weather Service: Climate change making Cayman hotter, drier

The average temperature in the Cayman Islands has risen steadily for the past four years due to the effects of global climate change, according to National Weather Service Director John Tibbetts.

Humane Society friends get moving for a good cause

Lots of tails were wagging in excitement as the Cayman Islands Humane Society's annual Walk and Wag 5K walk/run at Camana Bay on Sunday,

Small bird sanctuary has a big impact

The Governor Gore Bird Sancturary is a hidden gem which attracts an amazing variety of birds.

A simple life growing up in Bodden Town

A look back at life in Bodden Town 50 years ago.

Central Mangrove Wetland is Cayman’s heart and lungs

The district of Bodden Town is home to the Central Mangrove Wetland, considered by some to be the ecological heart of Grand Cayman, home to a wide range of animals, birds and aquatic life.

Petition asks Turtle Farm to stop breeding turtles for meat

A new petition circulating online is urging the Cayman Turtle farm to stop breeding turtles for human consumption.

Full Moon Sock Hop promises Rock ‘n’ Roll under the stars

Brac residents are urged to mark their calendars for the upcoming Full Moon Sock Hop on Jan. 23, to be held at the Public Beach.

Shell shock over turtle-riding scheme

After six months working as the head animal trainer at the Cayman Turtle Farm, Amy Souster quit because of the conditions in which turtles and other animals were kept at the West Bay tourist attraction, she said. The big project the Turtle Farm wanted her to work on, which she said she learned about after arriving on island, was a scheme to train turtles to give tourists rides in the water.

Shelter cautions over Christmas pet adoptions

Those who think a puppy or kitten might make the perfect Christmas present for their animal-loving family member or friend might want to pause to consider the idea.

Dog lovers get photos with Santa

Pet lovers and their furry, four-legged friends got their photographs taken with jolly old St. Nicholas at Gardenia Court in Camana Bay on Saturday morning at the second annual Santa Paws event.

Marqués de Riscal's bold reinvention

Marqués de Riscal’s Project 2000 envisioned a new image for the winery, improved quality wines and an interactive way for consumers to relate to the product. Six years later, the City of Wine was the realization of Project 2000 and incorporates expanded and modernized winery production facilities, stylized tasting rooms, shops and a 43-room Starwood-operated contemporary hotel spread out over a more than 23-acre site.

Mastic Trail ideal place to spot seasonal winged visitors

As the winter season approaches, the Cayman Islands welcome many northern visitors seeking warmer climes – including many types of birds.

Christmas charity calendars and cards

One of the ways you can support a local charity this season is to buy specially created calendars, cards or tree ornaments that donate funds directly to specific organizations.

PAWS Thrift Shop restocks from donations

For PAWS, it’s all for the love of animals.

Animal tethering practices in Cayman questioned

Roni Wildoner was traveling along the eastern coast of Grand Cayman in October when she spotted a bull tethered on the side of the road near Breakers. She investigated and found that the animal was tangled in his rope. A plastic makeshift water trough, with jagged, sharp edges, was empty, save for a handful of leaves. Tethering animals on the side of the road is a traditional practice in Cayman, but some say it's time for the tradition to end.

Cayman Turtle Farm rejects researchers’ claims of cruelty

Responding to a new study from Oxford University researchers calling the Cayman Turtle Farm “one of the cruelest wildlife attractions in the world,” Turtle Farm Director Tim Adam rejected the idea that the farm treats its turtles cruelly.

Airport critters a constant battle

Airport staff chase birds, iguanas and other wildlife from the runway daily. A new study will look at ways to improve animal control.

50 years ago: Agriculture on the Brac

In the Oct. 27, 1965 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a predecessor of the Cayman Compass, Cayman Brac correspondent Lilian Ritch reported on the visit of United Nations agricultural adviser Enrique Labarthe and his assistant Mr. Bernard.

Green Iguana B'Gonna

Little Cayman’s Mike Vallee is committed to protecting Cayman’s environment, both on land and at sea. These days, along with fellow Little Cayman resident Ed Houlcroft, Mr. Vallee’s current focus is on eradicating a certain wily invader that has successfully made itself at home on Grand Cayman with the launch of a new program called Green Iguana B’Gonna.

Helping hand for nesting birds

Many types of birds make their nests on Cayman Brac’s cliffs and rocky shores, but due to an unfortunate chance convergence of ocean currents, its rugged coastline also accumulates masses of floating garbage.

Weber's ambitions have no boundaries

Helki Weber was the female winner of Sunday’s gruelling Halloween 10-10-10, yet she had only decided to enter the race the night before.

Runner will chill out at Antarctica race next month

Teresa Strad has never run a half-marathon, but she will soon compete in a most unusual – and chilly – one, in Antarctica.

New parking lot for BT park

After years of discussion, work has begun on a new parking lot behind the Bodden Town Mission House.

On the Farm: When truth is redacted

First, they buried the turtles ... then, they buried the truth.

Report: Frank Sound farm cleared of arsenic poisoning

The Pan American Health Organization has issued a clean bill of health to the 14.5-acre Powell family farm in Frank Sound, declaring arsenic levels in soil and groundwater within acceptable limits.

Shark diving: Should Cayman take the bait?

The Cayman Islands could be missing out on an economic and conservation opportunity by maintaining its ban on shark diving, according to experts.

Gladys Howard remembered for her contribution and cheer

Remembered as one of Little Cayman’s biggest cheerleaders, an environmentalist and friend, Gladys Howard passed away Saturday in Texas. She was 83.

To kill a green iguana

Human beings are notorious for — and notoriously bad at — manipulating Nature to suit their temporal whims. In other words, playing God. Hubris has brought down greater and wiser men than we ...

Bring out your inner artist at Big Draw festival

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands hosts international drawing festival The Big Draw for the third year.

Doggy Beach Day promises to be a romp

Celebrate World Animal Day 2015 in style with the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

$200K project planned to control iguana pest

Sniffer dogs and marksmen could be used in separate initiatives to fight a growing problem with green iguanas in Grand Cayman and on the Sister Islands.

Students awarded in regional poster competition

Clifton Hunter High School student Anissa Hoyte and Cayman Prep and High School student Tijana Parker have been recognized for their entries in the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association Environmental Poster Competition.

Bring some color into your life with Recolor app

The popularity of adult coloring books doesn't seem to be dying anytime soon, so if you can't beat 'em, join 'em with the Recolor app.

Gordon Solomon’s emotional new show

'Dr. Moody' opens at the National Gallery Sept. 17.

Quiz master Ghezzi: In a league of her own

Popular quizmaster Ann Ghezzi will host her last regular pub quiz for the Cayman Islands Humane Society, this Thursday, Sept. 17.

Agricultural pioneers sought for Heroes Day recognition

Premier Alden McLaughlin and Agriculture Minister Kurt Tibbetts will oversee nominations of Caymanian farmers who will be recognized as pioneers of agriculture in the 2016 National Heroes Day celebrations.

'Shark Talk' aims to change attitudes

Hundreds of schoolchildren will get to question filmmakers and scientists about sharks as part of a new three-day event, Cayman Shark Talk.

The evidence – and the waste – pile up

The latest in a series of reports has been released on the conditions at the George Town landfill. Here’s the abbreviated version: It’s poisonous. It smells. And it’s ugly.

Arsenic test results incomplete, questions remain

Cabinet Secretary Samuel Rose has released an “update” on July’s probe of arsenic contamination at a Frank Sound farm near Clifton Hunter High School but has declined to describe the results.

Latest landfill report cites multiple risks

Fires, combustible and poisonous gases, and offensive odors are again pointed out as the risks and nuisances associated with the George Town landfill in the latest of a series of reports about dump sites in the Cayman Islands. 

The report, by U.K. consultants Amec Foster Wheeler, is based on data collected from monitoring and surveying in April 2014. The report is dated Aug. 3, but it was not made public until Aug. 28.

Case files: A year in the life of the Labour Tribunal

The Labour Tribunal sided with disgruntled employees in the majority of unfair dismissal claims brought during a 12-month period reviewed by the Cayman Compass.

Bonza National Geographic app offers bonanza of puzzles

Fans of puzzles will really get into the Bonza National Geographic app, which tests their knowledge and observational skills.

Summer getaways are easier than you think

Weekender rounds up some of Cayman's most popular holiday destinations.

The Turtle Farm: A $30,000-a-day national meal

The Cayman Turtle Farm’s annual report has arrived. It contains bad news, and good news … sort of.

Fishermen warned over illegal shark fishing

Fishermen have been warned that catching sharks is now illegal in the Cayman Islands under the new National Conservation Law.

Cows on the moo-ve

After some 10 years in custody at Northward Prison, 35 cows may be heading out to greener pastures.

Native son excels in surgery

Dr. Neely Panton, son of Cayman National Hero Ormond L. Panton, is a medical pioneer who practices general surgery in Canada. The lessons his parents taught him made a big impression.

Arsenic test results due in August; waste removal starts

Health inspectors have gone home and environmental officials have removed a truckload of bulk waste while Cabinet Secretary Samuel Rose awaits results of arsenic testing on a Frank Sound farm.

Aspiring vet tackles muddy mountain

Local aspiring veterinarian Melanie Moore raised $300 for the Cayman Islands Humane Society by participating in a challenging mud run on a Welsh mountain.

More cruise passengers: Their impact on Cayman

The proposed cruise berthing facility in George Town Harbour could bring half a million more cruise passengers annually, but can Grand Cayman handle such an increase in visitors?

Writer: Improve SMB by removing jet skis and dogs, adding police

Frequent visitor suggests how to make Seven Mile Beach even better.

From Grand to Little. a relaxing island-hop

What is there to do in Little Cayman if you are not a scuba diver? Not a lot, which is the beauty of this tiny largely undeveloped island.

Stray dogs targeted after attack on governor Kilpatrick

Out-of-control dogs are being targeted following an attack on Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick and continued attacks on endangered blue iguanas at the Botanic Park.

Endangered species law enacted after more than a decade

A law governing the trade in endangered plants and animals has come into effect 11 years after passing through the Legislative Assembly.

Animals get support from cyclists

Almost 70 cyclists of all ages and ability rode around East End in an effort to raise money for the first annual PAWS on Wheels fundraiser.

Arsenic testing under way, doubt cast on poison claim

Researchers from the Pan American Health Organization have taken samples from at least three members of Frank Sound’s Powell family and are scheduling others, while also testing neighbors, plants, cattle and soil for arsenic poisoning.

Motorcyclists ride to benefit rescue dogs

Motorcyclists were out in force at the weekend for a cross-island ride to help raise funds for animal rescue group Canine Friends.

Testing under way for arsenic poisoning

Two health and science teams arrived in Cayman on Wednesday to test at least two dozen people in the Frank Sound area for arsenic poisoning and measure ground and water contamination.

Next Heroes Day to honor farming sector

Heroes Day 2016 will honor pioneers from Cayman’s farming communities, according to the National Heroes Day Committee.

The Azores: An extraordinary Atlantic archipelago

In May 2012, my two friends and I took a transatlantic cruise from Miami, Florida to Southampton, U.K. Our first stop after about seven days at sea was São Miguel, Azores – the main island of nine in a Portuguese archipelago. 


Blue iguana killed in dog attack

A blue iguana popular with tourists at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park was killed in a dog attack on Sunday.

Summer activities for Cayman's pre-teens

An overview of some of the multitude of summer camps available for young children in Cayman.

Turtle rescued from poachers

Poachers were disturbed in the act as they attempted to drag a 400-pound nesting turtle off a West Bay beach.

The three men fled the area, leaving the turtle lying on its back, after they were interrupted by a fisherman, out with his dog, at around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Mangoes abundant this year

There is nothing like mangoes when they are in season in Cayman. In fact, the older folks would say “pot tun down, no cooking, eat mangoes.

North Side farmers Zelmalee and Willie Ebanks, who own a farm with more than 500 mango trees in Hutland, a place known for its wide variety of mangoes, said this year’s mangoes crops are in abundance.

Cleanup begins after heavy rains

Residents on Thursday were dealing with the aftermath of heavy rains that caused flooding in many Cayman neighborhoods over a three-day span.

Heavy rains pound Cayman

Heavy rains soaked Cayman for the third consecutive day on Wednesday, driving some residents out of their homes, forcing motorists to take alternate routes and prompting some schools to close.

Visit 'God's country' in Northern Arizona

A good old road trip along windy roads with hairpin turns that climb to 7,000 feet elevation set against jaw-dropping rock formations and desert scenery, that's Arizona – Northern Arizona, to be exact.


Rare Cayman ghost orchid in bloom

The Conservation Law gives new protections to Cayman's endangered plants and animals, including the rare ghost orchid, now in bloom.

Shark week planned for Cayman

The Cayman Islands will host its first annual “shark week” in July as part of a three-year sponsorship deal between Dart Realty and the Guy Harvey Research Institute.

Music goes to the dogs

Music festival Petapalooza returns, offering a day of music and fun with proceeds going to the Humane Society.

The true meaning of Mother's Day

Before becoming a mother, Lisa Boushy always felt this day was just a Hallmark marketing ploy to guilt people into buying gifts for their mothers and wives, but now that she is a mother herself, the "day" has a whole new meaning.

Customs order bans paraquat importation

The Cayman Islands has ordered a ban on the importation of the chemical herbicide paraquat, which has been used on island to poison dogs.

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