Bring out your inner artist at Big Draw festival

Whether you are a seasoned illustrator or just enjoy trying your hand at creative ventures, this month’s Big Draw festival, sponsored by the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, is for you. 

The theme is “Every Drawing Tells a Story.” Gordon Solomon’s exhibition, “Doctor Moody,” which runs through Oct. 17, fits this year’s theme by representing five human senses through personified animals. Another featured exhibition is the “Draw Your Heart Out” exhibition, showcasing work from Cayman high school students. 

Also, take the opportunity to enjoy the gallery’s exhibitions and the Deutsche Bank Sculpture Gardens. 

“Drawing is an excellent way to make art accessible to everyone and is a fundamental part of creativity and intelligence,” said Kaitlyn Elphinstone, the gallery’s communications and public engagement manager.  

“Drawing gives us expressive freedom and inspires imagination and innovation. Youth are more than ever attracted to careers in the creative industries, so it is vital that the National Gallery nurtures the creative skills of our future visual artists, designers, architects, teachers, producers, creative directors, along with many other creative professionals.” 

The Big Draw Art Festival on Saturday includes teacher-led drawing stations and other activities. Drawing workshops for children, hosted by John Broad, and for teens and adults, hosted by Chloe Goodfellow, will also be held on Saturday, in addition to the DIY Draw, which encompasses individual and team activities. 

Drawing and animation documentaries are also part of the festival. Three documentaries, “The Human Camera,” “Why people believe they can’t draw-and how to prove they can,” and “Drawing in Class,” will be played on a loop between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Oct. 17. 

Also, visitors to the gallery this month can complete self-guided worksheets with activities for all ages. Budding artists can also post drawings to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #NGCIHashtagDraw and have their creations shared to the NGCI online gallery. 

This is the third year the National Gallery is taking part in the international drawing festival. Described as the world’s largest drawing festival, last year 26 countries and 414,000 people reportedly participated. 

For more information, contact the National Gallery on 945-8111, or for event times and information go to 


Children enjoyed the activities at previous year’s events.


Isabella Rooney and Adam Stoner took part in last year’s Big Draw.


Student artwork displayed at the 2014 Big Draw.


Children enjoy art-related activities at the NGCI event.


Artist John Broad returns to lead a ‘Sketch Crawl’ for children at this year’s event.

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