Cows on the moo-ve

After some 10 years in custody at Northward Prison, 35 cows may be heading out to greener pastures. 

Thirteen male and 22 female Red Poll/Charolais cattle among the prison’s herd are up for auction as Northward now has more cows than it can handle. 

“We are selling off the cows because we just need to have a manageable amount for prison consumption and to continue with the rehabilitation program, which is done for training,” said Austin William, the officer in charge of the prison’s rehabilitation program. 

He said the prison owns 65 cows. The herd started off with a small number of cattle, which has increased over the years through breeding. 

The cows, which live in the pasture across the street from the prison, are part of the prison’s rehabilitation program, which teaches prisoners skills to help them get jobs in the agriculture industry upon their release. The cows also provide meat for the prisoners. 

Bidders can fill out a bidding sheet, available at Northward Prison or at the Department of Agriculture warehouse and front desk, and make an offer on individual animals. The bid must be placed in a sealed envelope, marked “Cattle Bid,” and delivered to Northward. 

Where a calf and mother are listed together on the bidding sheet, these must be sold together, as the calf has not yet been weaned from the mother. 

The envelopes will then be opened by a board, the offer prices will be reviewed, and the successful bidders will be notified. Payment for the cattle must be made before they can be removed from the site, officials said. 

Red Poll cattle are mainly used as beef suckler cows. They are known for easy calving and successfully raising a high proportion of their calves. Charolais are raised for meat and may be crossed with other breeds. 

Anyone who wants to view the cattle at Northward Prison can contact Mr. Williams at 526-2832 to arrange a viewing time. The closing date for the receipt of bids is Monday, Aug. 10. 

The Northward cows are all a breed of Red Poll mixed with Charolais. – Photo: Charles Duncan

The Northward cows are all a breed of Red Poll mixed with Charolais. – Photo: Charles Duncan

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  1. What a way to do a auction! I think that if the auction was done in a room with people bidding against each other, you will get more for the cows, instead of being done behind closed doors. Who paid for the cows in the place?