Writer: Improve SMB by removing jet skis and dogs, adding police

My family and I are frequent visitors to the island – between three and four visits per year, one week each.

We’ve gotten to know many islanders, and the island as well.

I’ve been coming to Grand Cayman since 1991. My comments are as follows and are on the heels of the much trumpeted awards of Seven Mile Beach being named the “best beach in the world” by U.S. News & World Report.

1. Ban all jet skis from the Marriott to the Renaissance

Your number one business on the island is scuba and snorkeling (not jet skis). You’ve already had one death incident this year on Seven Mile Beach – and it’s only a matter of time before the unregulated masses of jet skis get into another accident and/or with a diver or snorkeler.

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We were afraid to snorkel out too far on our own for fear of being run over by some careless jet skier! Ban it – you don’t need it; people don’t come to Grand Cayman to ride jet skis – they go to Panama City Beach, Florida, or Daytona, Florida, for this.

Think about it – you’re allowing untrained novices (fresh off the ship literally) drive at speeds up to 50 miles per hour over/around your most precious water areas. I’d send them elsewhere – stat.

2. Ban all animals from Seven Mile Beach – Period

This would be the simple and best solution. The best beach in the world doesn’t have unleashed dogs, doesn’t have strays, and doesn’t have leashed dogs – any of them – pooping and peeing on it.

This past week we witnessed two strays making their way up/down, in/out of the nicest places (Ritz/WaterColours and points in between) scouring for food – all day – and following anyone looking for food or a snack.

Additionally we watch many – many pet owners with their dogs unleashed – allowing them to poop and pee in the sand – then taking it to the sea – up/down the Seven Mile Beach – think very nice. No way. Ban them and round up strays – chickens are one thing – dogs are another. (I’m a dog owner, FYI.)

Minimally, enforce leash laws. The “No. 2” best beach location Kauai, Hawaii, has very strict leash laws (maximum of two under control on leash), and further all of Hawaii has strict dog entry rules (quarantine) along with serious fines ($500) for those that break the law – speaking of which …

3. Patrol the beach

I appreciate the fact that the police helicopter buzzes by every so often – but it’s going to be very hard to fine/arrest/assist – or anything else from that view. Why on earth do you not have that beach patrolled 24/7/365 – are there any police on the island? I never see them.

Why don’t you give them bikes/or a 4 wheeler or a golf cart – whatever. Where are the police? They could fine lawbreakers – prevent open glass containers on the beach, stop the pot/ganja smoking up at the public beach (the one just north of the governor’s property), and generally provide a presence – that Cayman is serious about protecting the integrity of Seven Mile Beach.

You simply cannot do that from a helicopter. All they need is a mode of transportation, and a book of tickets to write, and presto, behavior will change, people will take notice and things will improve.

I love your island, and its lovely people – protect your most treasured asset, now.

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