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Turtle release in honour of World Sea Turtle day

World Sea Turtle Day is celebrated with a special turtle release on Seven Mile Beach by the Cayman Islands Turtle Centre.

International Space Station astronaut captures Cayman from space

Astronaut Shane Kimbrough shared photographs on social media of Grand Cayman taken from the International Space Station this morning as it passed over the islands.

Candidates seek to balance environment and the economy

Candidates campaigning for election agree that Cayman's future development must consider both the economy and the environment but differ on where the right balance lies.
Eden Hurlston of Amplify Cayman

Amplify Cayman: ‘Runaway train of reckless development must stop’

Irresponsible development in the Seven Mile Beach area is creating a “perfect storm of ecological, cultural and economic devastation”, according to pressure group Amplify Cayman.

The battle for the beach

A towering construction crane casts its shadow across the soft white sand of Seven Mile Beach as the clear blue water stretches out towards the horizon. It’s an image that encapsulates some of the conflict surrounding the future of Cayman’s greatest natural asset and number one tourist attraction.

Plan Cayman seeks to guide growth

Consultation over an ‘area plan’ for the Seven Mile Beach corridor is effectively on hold until after the election, the Department of Planning has confirmed.
Camana Bay

Dart outlines ambitions for Seven Mile corridor

Taller buildings in high-density areas, an extended network of footpaths and cycle trails and greater flexibility for ‘mixed-use’ development are all on the wish list of the Dart group for the future of the Seven Mile Beach corridor.

Real estate industry: ‘Luxury property a low-impact alternative to mass-tourism’

Luxury property development has a key role to play in the future of the Seven Mile Beach corridor and in driving Cayman’s economy, real estate industry insiders believe.

Natural and man-made problems cast shadows over Seven Mile’s future

Sea-level rise and storm impacts pose a serious long-term threat to the viability of Seven Mile Beach as a national recreational asset, the Department of Environment has warned.

A window into Seven Mile Beach’s past

On a quiet stretch of beach behind a low seawall a brightly painted cottage - now more than 80-years-old - provides a window through which modern visitors can imagine Seven Mile Beach as it once was.

Beach disappears as storms steal shoreline

Parts of Seven Mile Beach have disappeared in the aftermath of a series of storms, sparking concern about the long-term future of Cayman’s greatest natural asset.

Don’t build high-rises on the beach

Please, please, please, no high-rises along Seven Mile Beach! This is from a 27-year visitor. We come to Grand Cayman to avoid those monster...

Beachgoers find vials of blood, syringe on Seven Mile

Public Works Department staff have been checking areas of Seven Mile Beach following reports of vials of blood and syringes washing ashore due to the passing of Tropical Storm Eta.

Captive-bred turtle hatchlings begin life at sea

Fifty green turtle eggs bred in captivity at Cayman Turtle Centre were transplanted to Seven Mile Beach on 9 July, as part of the centre’s conservation programme to support wild population growth.

Royal Navy carries out rescue exercise off Seven Mile Beach

A Royal Navy helicopter crew carried out a mid-afternoon safety exercise off Seven-Mile Beach on Tuesday.

Sargassum smothers local shores

Cayman’s pristine shoreline is once again under attack from a familiar foe as mounds of sargassum have started washing up on local beaches.

Ghost Town: A portrait of life on lockdown

There was an eerie stillness to the usually bustling George Town waterfront this week.

Calico’s owner: ‘We should have built piers years ago’

Handel Whittaker is one of the most recognisable faces on Seven Mile Beach. After nearly two decades as the proprietor of Calico Jack’s and...

Langevin: ‘Do we want quality or quantity?’

As the manager of the Cayman Islands’ most luxurious resort, Marc Langevin has a vested interest in the future of the island’s tourism product. Amid an ongoing debate about tourism growth, the general manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman is keen to see the island retain its reputation as a safe, high-quality destination.
Tourists on Seven Mile Beach

How much tourism is too much for a small island?

Cayman's tourism industry is thriving. But amid the debate over if and how to develop the island's port facilities, some are wondering, if the growth in visitors is sustainable and what the impact of rising visitation might mean for the island over the coming decades.

Wall goes up near Public Beach

The number of open areas that provide a glimpse of Cayman’s beautiful turquoise waters along West Bay Road continue to decline as a concrete wall is being built adjacent to Seven Mile Public Beach.

The issue explained: Report outlines likely environmental impacts of port

Many of the anticipated environmental impacts of the cruise berthing project were laid out following an exhaustive investigation in 2014 and 2015. The environmental impact assessment, led by coastal engineering firm Baird and Associates, examined everything from the impact on coral reefs in George Town Harbour to the potential for erosion on Seven Mile Beach.

Looking back in time

Beach Club Colony on Seven Mile Beach circa 1960, which was demolished to make way for a high-end condominium development.

Concerns over Seven Mile Beach sand

Writer responds to government's argument that the port development will not impact the sand on Seven Mile Beach.

A tipping point for Cayman’s real estate market?

It is no surprise to anyone that the real estate market in the Cayman Islands has been booming now for several years. Prices continue to rise in nearly all market sectors, from condos on Seven Mile Beach to interior land parcels to single-family homes.

Police release name of deceased snorkeller

A former language instructor with the US Defense Language Institute has been identified as the woman who died last week in the waters near Royal Palms.

Scientists warn port project will impact Seven Mile Beach

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute has urged Cayman to “consider the long lasting impacts” of the cruise port development and warned it will affect Seven Mile Beach.

7‑storey hotel approved for Seven Mile Beach

The Central Planning Authority has approved an application for a $20 million, seven-storey hotel on the northern end of Seven Mile Beach.

Public beach playground closed until end August

The playground by the Seven Mile Beach public beach parking lot will be closed until Friday, 30 Aug., as work by Dart in the area continues.

Ogier advises Comfort Suites sale

Ogier has acted for Seven Mile Suites Ltd. in the sale of the Comfort Suites Hotel & Resort at Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, to Dart.

Vendor village nearing completion at Seven Mile Public Beach

Work on the final phase of a $3 million project to enhance Public Beach and create a ‘vendor village’ for licensed traders begins next month.

Traffic, building heights dominate public concerns

Traffic congestion and high-density tourism development were among the key concerns highlighted during the consultation period for Cayman’s new development plan.

UPDATED: Dart buys Comfort Suites hotel

Dart has entered into an agreement to buy the Comfort Suites Seven Mile Beach hotel.

Visitor dies in water-related incident on seven Mile Beach

A 77-year-old man died in a water-related incident along Seven Mile Beach on Friday afternoon.

Hundreds turn out for Flowers swim

Around 900 swimmers of all shapes, sizes and ambitions, took to the waters off Seven Mile Beach Saturday for the latest instalment of one of Cayman’s favourite sporting events.

9 years later, still no licensing deal for Cayman Water

Some nine years after it expired, Cayman Water has still not reached a new licensing deal to serve customers in the Seven Mile Beach and West Bay areas, according to the first-quarter financial report from Cayman Water’s parent company, Consolidated Water.

Batabano delivers carnival flair

The vibrant colours and pulsating percussion of Batabano rocked Seven Mile Beach on Saturday, featuring thousands of costumed dancers and revellers, as well as spectators lined up along the side of the road to cheer them on.

Overstayer arrested for stolen beach bag

An overstayer who stole a woman’s bag from Seven Mile Beach while she was swimming has been sentenced to deportation.

New 74-home canalfront development planned

The first phase of a new 74-home development in the Seven Mile Beach Corridor has been approved by the Central Planning Authority.

Dart tower plan sparks national debate

The idea of skyscrapers on Seven Mile Beach will be one of the options up for discussion as the Cayman Islands attempts to formulate a Development Plan for the future of the country.

EDITORIAL – A much-needed upgrade for Public Beach

Seven Mile Public Beach has been a victim of its own success in recent years, with vendors, tourists and locals all vying for their place in the sand and sun.

Light Up the Night highlights breast cancer

Every year, people gather to walk by the light of the silvery moon along Seven Mile Beach.

10-story hotel application adjourned

Plans for a $20 million, 10-story hotel on the northern end of Seven Mile Beach have attracted a slew of objections from neighboring residents who have labeled it “cheap and nasty.”

Bovell: New life breathed into Seven Mile Beach

For some time now, I have written about the dwindling inventory available on Cayman’s most prized real estate corridor, that of Seven Mile Beach. I can now report with some excitement that the owners of the Lacovia condominiums – an existing development located about a third of the way up Seven Mile Beach – have unanimously agreed to redevelop their property.

Lacovia owners vote to replace aging condo complex

Owners at Lacovia, one of Seven Mile Beach’s oldest condo developments, voted Saturday to demolish their homes and replace them with three new, 10-story buildings.

NORCECA beach volleyball to return to Cayman

The NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tournament will be held on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman again this year.

Perfect conditions for CUC’s 30th annual 800m sea swim

A group of 125 entrants took to the water Saturday in perfect conditions for the 30th edition of CUC’s annual 800-meter sea swim.

CUC Sea Swim returns to Seven Mile

Cayman’s athletes completed one last holdover from 2018 on Saturday: the 30th annual CUC Sea Swim.
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Man who died while snorkeling identified

Police have released the name of a man who died after losing consciousness while snorkeling on Seven Mile Beach last week.
Cayman Islands Hospital

Toddler drowns in East End in 2nd water death of year

A child just under 2 years of age drowned Friday evening after being reported missing from her home in East End.

EDITORIAL – Construction on Seven Mile Beach: Is the sky the limit?

Skyscrapers on Grand Cayman? Back away from the ledge, and break out the smelling salts – envisioning future progress is not for the faint of heart.

Speaker calls for 50-story buildings on Seven Mile Beach

Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush believes buildings of 50 stories and higher are the next step for Cayman’s tourism product.

A look back at the year that was

The year 2018 was an eventful one for the Cayman Islands.

High seas batter Grand Cayman’s west coast

Cayman waterfront businesses were working Sunday to clean up and repair their premises after winds and high waves battered George Town, Seven Mile Beach and West Bay over the weekend.

Calico Jack’s submits Barkers plan

Calico Jack’s owner Handel Whittaker is seeking permission to remove around 180,000 square feet of sea grass to create a swimming area at Barkers Beach as part of a plan to relocate the popular Seven Mile Beach bar.

Baywatch: Cayman cops – new patrols, new uniforms

They may not have the glamor of the original ‘Baywatch,’ featuring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, but Cayman’s officers make a striking impression on Seven Mile Beach.

Beach clearing at Discovery Point

Heavy equipment rolled on to Seven Mile Beach this weekend to clear sargassum seaweed from the beach in front of a condo development.

Jim Knapp, Cayman’s tech giant, dies at age 68

Tech entrepreneur and green energy advocate Jim Knapp died Wednesday after getting into difficulty while in the water at Seven Mile Beach.
Cayman Islands Hospital

Cayman resident dies in water-related incident

A 68-year-old man died Wednesday in Cayman’s 10th water-related death of the year.

EDITORIAL – Invincible Investment: Tokyo takes on Seven Mile Beach

We do not know much about Invincible Investment Corporation, but we share at least one thing in common with the newest landlord on Seven Mile Beach: confidence in the strength of the Cayman Islands tourism sector.

Japanese firm buys Cayman hotels

There is a new player in Cayman’s hospitality industry.
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Run to promote recovery from addiction

Walkers and runners will hit the road Sunday in aid of the Hope for Today Foundation.

Ten-story condos approved for Seven Mile Beach

A new, 10-story condominium project has been approved for Seven Mile Beach, continuing the shift toward taller buildings in Grand Cayman’s main tourist district.

Weekend Mail Call: Beach patrols

Compass readers had a lot to say about stepped-up beach patrols, which the RCIPS hopes will deter crime and nuisance behaviors on Seven Mile Beach.

EDITORIAL – Beach patrols respond to crime wave

Underneath their smiles, we expect our police to be tough – and to enforce the law.

Dart plans to reopen Seven Mile Beach hotel

The Dart group plans to reopen the Beach Suites as an unbranded “boutique hotel” before the end of the year.

Still no license agreement for Consolidated Water

Consolidated Water’s quarterly report stated that its subsidiary, Cayman Water, still has not reached a licensing deal with government to serve customers in the Seven Mile Beach and West Bay areas.

WaterMark condos approved for Seven Mile Beach

The Central Planning Authority has approved plans for a $177 million, 10-story luxury condo complex on Seven Mile Beach.

Letter: Seven Mile Beach restaurants will be missed

There needs to be more than a place to throw down a beach towel.

Calico Jack’s to leave Seven Mile Beach

Calico Jack’s, an institution on Seven Mile Beach for the last 15 years, is planning to move to Barkers Beach in West Bay.

Bar owner raises beach crime concerns

Thieves posing as waiters conned beachgoers into handing over cash in a new escalation of petty crime on Seven Mile Beach.

Reshaping of Dart’s coastal land progresses

Bulldozers are sculpting and reshaping a large area of land bordering Seven Mile Beach as the Dart group makes headway on a series of projects.

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