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4 pounds of suspected ganja found in George Town

A suspicious package found by a member of the public near a derelict vehicle in George Town led police to recover 4 pounds of what appeared to be ganja.

Police still investigating whereabouts of crews of 2 Jamaican drug boats

Police are continuing to investigate the whereabouts of occupants of two drug canoes, believed to have travelled here from Jamaica, that were found abandoned and capsized on local reefs earlier this year.

Man arrested after knife fight in West Bay

Police arrested a 27-year-old man from West Bay on suspicion of assault and possession of ganja on 15 July.  

Prison officer held with ganja at Northward

A 40-year-old prison officer was arrested at Northward Prison on Thursday morning, after packages of ganja were found on him, police have said.

No charges yet in prison ganja-smuggling case

Police are yet to lay charges against a prison officer who was arrested last month allegedly attempting to smuggle ganja into Northward Prison.

Teen hero: Negative reports hurt schoolmates

Bodden Town teenager Trevor Carmola Jr. has said recent negative reports of alleged drug use at his high school have been impacting student morale.

Police seize 900 pounds of ganja in two April busts

Five people appeared in court last month after police seized more 900 pounds of ganja in two separate investigations.

2 arrested in North Side ganja raid

Police arrested two people on suspicion of drug-related offences Tuesday following a North Side Property raid. 

3 charged after 980lbs of ganja found along West Bay coast

Three men were charged in relation to 980 lbs of ganja that was recovered by police along the West Bay coastline.

Police search West Bay coastline for drugs

Police officers are searching the shoreline and water for ganja packages that were dropped from a drug boat on Thursday morning.

Man arrested after ganja found in soup cans

A 29-year-old Caymanian man was arrested after Customs and Border Control officers discovered ganja hidden in shipment of canned soups earlier this month.

Newball enters mixed pleas to drug and assault charges

Simon Julio Newball, of George Town, entered mixed pleas to a string of assault and drug charges, before the Summary Court on Wednesday, 26 Aug.

3 men, including former cricketer, convicted of drug charges

Three men, including a former Cayman national cricket team player, have been convicted of conspiring to import more than 200 pounds of ganja into Cayman.

Man arrested, drugs recovered during police raid

A police raid in West Bay has resulted in the arrest of one man and the recovery of an undisclosed amount of drugs.

Nearly 1,000 pounds of ganja seized, 2 men arrested

Police seized 950 pounds of ganja and arrested two men after stopping a vehicle towing a boat behind it in George Town over the weekend.

Ganja found in sea at West Bay and North Side

Police and the Coast Guard on Wednesday recovered packages of ganja that were discovered in the sea at two different locations by members of the public.

750 pounds of ganja seized on West Bay beach

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service patrol officers recovered 750 of ganja on a beach on Conch Point Road in West Bay on Wednesday.

Police seize 241 pounds of ganja

Police seized 241 pounds of ganja and detained two suspects, one of whom had attempted to evade arrest, during a police operation on Friday night.

2 arrested, 750 pounds of ganja seized at sea

The Cayman Islands Coast Guard arrested two men and seized more than 750 pounds of ganja after officers intercepted a boat off Grand Cayman on Tuesday morning.

Man charged with ganja, firearms offences

Police officers arrested a man after finding a 'Jamaican-style canoe', along with packages of suspected ganja and two handguns, including live rounds of ammunition, in the Spotts Beach area on Thursday morning.

Package of ganja washes up on Brac

Police searched the shoreline along South Side East Road on Cayman Brac today (6 May) after a 2-pound parcel of ganja was found washed up on shore.

100 packets of ganja found under car fender

Police said more than 100 packets of ganja have been found hidden under the front fender of a car with a help of a drug-sniffing dog named Shadow.

Drug-smuggling trio sentenced

Three men caught with a loaded gun and hundreds of pounds of ganja, as well as cocaine and ecstasy, were sentenced in the Grand Court Friday.

Men sentenced in million-dollar drug seizure

Two men caught with more than 1,000 pounds of ganja were imprisoned Wednesday for six years. Rovan Pemo Johnson, 33, and Albert Ray Campbell, 59, both of Westmoreland, Jamaica, were caught with 1,035 pounds of ganja on 24 July this year, when they were intercepted by the Joint Marine Unit 38 nautical miles east of Grand Cayman after their boat engine died.

Men admit possession of more than 1,000 pounds of ganja

Two men caught with more than a 1,000 pounds of ganja entered guilty pleas in the Grand Court on Friday.

Trial called off in case of drug smuggling trio

Three drug smugglers arrested with hundreds of pounds of ganja, a loaded gun, cocaine and ecstasy entered guilty pleas in the Grand Court Tuesday.

Sentencing of cocaine-dealing pimp delayed

Delays in the Summary Court sentencing of a convicted cocaine dealer, Wayne Carlos Myles, means he will have wait until October to learn his fate.

Police seize 400 pounds of ganja

Police seized more than 400 pounds of ganja, with a street value of $400,000, after stopping a vessel at sea on Saturday morning.

Police seize 400 pounds of ganja

Police seized more than 400 pounds of ganja, with a street value of $400,000, after stopping a vessel at sea on Saturday morning.

Four sentenced for 450 pounds of ganja

Four men caught with more than 450 pounds of ganja were sentenced in Grand Court Tuesday.

Five arrested during drug boat bust

Police arrested five men in relation to importing ganja after officers seized 350 pounds of the drug in the early hours of Monday morning.

Immigration officer acquitted on all charges

Charges were dismissed Friday afternoon against Jeannie Lewis, the suspended immigration officer accused of permitting consumption of controlled drugs at her home and of knowingly assisting a person to remain unlawfully in the Cayman Islands.

Two arrested, 55 tickets issued in police’s ‘Day of Action’

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service held a ‘Day of Action’ last week that involved 74 officers carrying out high-visibility traffic stops, patrols and liquor licence premises checks. During a variety of operations, police issued 55 traffic tickets and arrested two people.

Man faces ganja charges after traffic stop at home

Richard Nelson Ebanks made his second court appearance Tuesday in relation to an incident involving a traffic stop at his home address. Ebanks, 42, who is charged with possession of ganja, consumption of ganja and possession of criminal property, among other charges, was granted bail with strict conditions.

$1 million worth of ganja seized

Police arrested a 32‑year-old man from Cayman Brac after Joint Marine Unit officers stopped a boat containing more than 1,200 pounds of ganja, with an estimated street value of more than $1 million.

Men from ganja boat make first court appearance

Two Jamaican nationals appeared in court Monday for the first time following an incident in which the Joint Marine Unit seized more than 1,000 pounds of ganja from a drifting vessel on 24 July.

Police officers make $1 million ganja bust

Local police seized a half-ton of ganja worth an estimated $1 million from a boat that was drifting 50 miles east of Grand Cayman.

Drugs, guns confiscated in ‘Operation Rip Tide’

Officers from Cayman’s newly formed Coast Guard helped intercept smugglers running drugs and ammunition through the region’s waters.

Man charged with burglary, other crimes

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service detectives arrested a 32-year-old George Town Man on Wednesday, following an investigation into recovered jewellery.

Two sentenced to prison for importing 800 pounds of ganja

Two Jamaican nationals received prison sentences Wednesday for their roles in importing more than 800 pounds of ganja to Cayman.

Ganja pleas voided, case sent to higher court

Four Jamaican men who had previously pleaded guilty to possessing more than 400 pounds of ganja had their pleas voided Tuesday and their case sent from Summary Court to Grand Court.

Police seize ganja plants on Cayman Brac

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service recovered 47 mature ganja plants on Wednesday after conducting an operation on Cayman Brac. The officers were acting on information provided to them, and the RCIPS later arrested a 60-year-old man on suspicion of cultivating ganja.

Police seize ganja plants in Bodden Town

Police seized 38 mature ganja plants from a location in Bodden Town last week.

Police keep up pressure on drug smugglers

Police will keep up the pressure on criminal gangs shipping drugs into the Cayman Islands after confiscating more than $1 million of ganja in six major marine raids during 2018.

Burglary rate hits 18-year low

Police are crediting the arrest and imprisonment of a significant number of prolific offenders with causing a sharp drop in the burglary rate across the Cayman Islands.

Little Cayman drugs arrest

A 48-year-old man was arrested in Little Cayman on Saturday on suspicion of possession of cocaine and ganja.

Three charged in 810 lbs of ganja case in court

Three  men charged with the importation of more than 800 pounds of ganja appeared in Summary Court on Thursday in preparation for a case management hearing.

50 years ago: Big ganja haul; airport fire

In the March 20, 1969 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, a front page story, headlined ‘Big ganja haul’, detailed a seizure of £1,000 worth of drugs. It read:

Three in court for 900 pounds of ganja

Three men appeared in Summary Court on Wednesday, all charged with importing about 900 pounds of ganja following an encounter with police approximately 11 miles off East End on Monday.

Jury discharged for ‘gun in ganja’ case

A Grand Court jury chosen on Monday, March 11, was formally discharged on Friday, March 15, after Justice Marlene Carter said she had determined that the trial would not proceed any further.

Trial starts for three who admit ganja, deny gun

Trial got under way on Wednesday for three men who admitted their involvement with ganja, but denied any knowledge of a firearm, ammunition and cocaine found inside packages of the illegal vegetable matter.

Five sentenced for importing ganja

Five men were sentenced on Friday for importing 555.95 pounds of ganja in the early hours of Jan. 25, 2018.

Magistrate: Travelers should research their destinations

Magistrate Valdis Foldats had words of advice for travelers in general and people who visit Cayman in particular – check the local laws.

Three sentenced for South Sound ganja

Three men found in a Jamaican canoe with ganja last year were sentenced on Thursday to 32 months’ imprisonment.

Two men arrested for drugs, gambling

Police officers arrested two Bodden Town men on Tuesday for offenses involving ganja and gambling.

KAABOO performer in court for ganja

A woman who performed at KAABOO Cayman over the past weekend appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday, when she pleaded guilty to possession of a small quantity of ganja.

Court rejects ‘drifting fishermen’ defense

Three Jamaican nationals were found guilty on Friday after trial for importing 555.95 pounds of ganja into the Cayman Islands on Jan. 25, 2018.

Police find ganja in Prospect home

A 37-year-old George Town man was arrested on suspicion of possession of ganja and possession of criminal property on Friday following a police raid.

Woman bailed in East End ganja case

A woman charged with possessing ganja with intent to supply was granted bail when she appeared in Summary Court Monday morning.

Drug, gambling arrests made in eastern districts

Police made a number of arrests in relation to drug and gambling offenses in the eastern districts over the weekend.

Government employee arrested for ganja at airport

Customs officers arrested a 35-year-old male returning to Cayman on Sunday for attempting to smuggle marijuana into the country. The unidentified man is an employee of the Department of Environmental Health, officials said.

Visitor jailed for importing ganja

A frequent visitor to Cayman was sentenced to six months imprisonment on Tuesday after pleading guilty to importing six ounces of ganja into the Cayman Islands.

Drug raids on Brac

Police arrested a 57-year-old man on Cayman Brac Tuesday on suspicion of possessing cocaine and ganja after carrying out drug raids on the sister island.

Teens arrested following car break-ins

Police arrested two teenagers, aged 18 and 19, following reports of four vehicles being broken into in downtown George Town during the Pirates Week festivities over the weekend.

Woman admits possessing 1.77 pounds of ganja

A woman charged in connection with 1.77 pounds of ganja pleaded guilty on Tuesday to simple possession of the controlled drug, but not guilty to possession with intent to supply.

American visitor pleads guilty to importing ganja

Garfield Spence, an American visitor who was apprehended at Owen Roberts International Airport on Saturday, pleaded guilty in Summary Court Wednesday to importation of ganja.

Airline employee charged with possessing ganja

An American visitor was denied bail when he appeared in Summary Court Tuesday on a charge of possession of 5.8 ounces of ganja, which was seized at Owen Roberts International Airport.

Four plead guilty to possessing 450 pounds of ganja at sea

Four Jamaican men pleaded guilty on Wednesday to possession of ganja after 454.41 pounds of the drug were seized after police intercepted their boat at sea.

Police make arrests for whelk poaching, ganja

A man and woman were arrested at Kaibo Public Beach Thursday for allegedly taking marine life from a marine park out of season.

Suspended sentence activated by ganja, driving offenses

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal last week declined to interfere with a prison sentence of 18 months handed down to Kurt W. Hamann in 2016.

Man arrested at airport, 9 pounds of ganja seized

Customs officers arrested a Caymanian man at Owen Roberts International Airport Sunday on suspicion of importing 9 pounds of ganja and attempting to bribe a customs officer.

Four men remanded for ganja at sea

Four Jamaican nationals were remanded in custody on Monday after appearing in Summary Court charged in connection with approximately 513 pounds of ganja recovered by police some 27 miles east of Grand Cayman last week.

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