3 men, including former cricketer, convicted of drug charges

Police display some of the ganja seized in recent operations. - Photo: RCIPS

Three men, including a former Cayman national cricket team player, have been convicted of conspiring to import more than 200 pounds of ganja into Cayman.

On trial were Deno Kalifa Ennis, who had represented Cayman in cricket, Barton Elsworth Rivers and Jonathan Ashley Moore.

The charges stem from an incident that took place on 23 June 2018, when police observed a small white craft offloading large packages onto a beach in East End, near Morritt’s resort. When police arrived on the scene, two men, Moore and Nickarthur Romane Sanderson, fled the scene on foot. They were later caught and arrested.

According to court files, Sanderson denied any knowledge of the importation of the ganja, saying he “had stumbled across the bags on the beach and was trying to take some packages for his own personal use”.

After searching Moore’s phone, police obtained evidence linking Ennis to the crime. Further investigations eventually pointed officers to Rivers, who was also arrested and questioned about the ganja. He also denied any knowledge of the drugs.

Following a jury trial, Ennis, 37; Rivers, 35; and Moore, 40, were all convicted of importation of ganja. They were all released on bail and are expected to return to court in October to be sentenced.

Sanderson was acquitted and discharged.

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  1. From a Canadian who can walk into a brightly lit legal store after my ID was checked by security guards..
    To then read that where I am moving to is spending it’s precious resources questioning gods plants on our earth, squandering his monetary and time resources that he tasks us with protecting, to completely waste it on Cannabis eradication and court costs is laughable, disheartening and OMG are you Justices ever 20 years behind the rest of the world and 20 years behind in morality. I am coming to legalize Cannabis on the island come hell or highwater and set your priorities straight. You have actual criminals on the loose who stabbed people with knives and you can’t find them. These small business Cannabis traders do not deserve one day in jail and Your Honour you owe them an apology. Remember this is a plant. If you think this plant is of the devil, then you believe god set us up for failure. NO, god put plants on our earth for all of us to use, not as an excuse to put your fellow citizens in jail. I smoke pot. I love it. Get over it. Or I’ll send my money and myself to Bermuda. Sadly, it’s your choice.
    Hmm spend money finding who stabbed our citizens recovering in the hospital OR spend money putting Cannabis growers and sellers in jail. I’ll choose fighting actual crime every single day of the week.
    Marc Rochefort Consulting.