Editorial for 23 May: Remembering a great lady

It is with sadness that we learned of the death of Edna Marie
Moyle on Tuesday.

While she was a former Speaker of the House, Edna was so
much more than that.

To those of us who knew and loved her she wasn’t just a
politician; she was compassionate about her district of North Side and her

Edna was a leader in the community as well as the Caribbean
region. She was a counsellor, a friend, a confidante, mother and grandmother.

Her friends and family who were involved in Wednesday’s
elections participated with heavy hearts.

But it would have been her wish that they did what they had
to do – carry on and run the race.

As of 2am Thursday it was not known who had won the
districts of George Town, West Bay and Bodden Town. We’ll bring those results
to you later today via www.cayCompass.com and in Friday’s Caymanian Compass.

In the coming weeks we will know what our government will
look like, who will comprise our Cabinet and who will be named Speaker of the

Edna held the role of Speaker when the People’s Progressive
Movement won control of the government in 2005. She was one of the best in that
role, ruling firmly but fairly.

The next speaker could do well to take a page or two out of
Edna’s playbook.

The pages of history in the Cayman Islands have indeed taken
another turn with the death of Edna Moyle and Wednesday’s elections.

We would do well to remember the things that Edna taught us
all so that we can collectively move the Cayman Islands forward.

It is our prayer that the next government looks back at
Edna’s career, commitment to country and community and emulate her life.

She was a visionary and because of her actions, our country
is in a better state today.

May her memory live forever.

And to her children, grandchildren, family and friends,
Cayman Free Press extends its prayers and condolences.

She will truly be missed.


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