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Cayman Islands government coronavirus press conference

EDITORIAL: Government’s drastic COVID-19 response welcome

As the emerging, uncharted waters of the coronavirus pandemic stretch out before us, we applaud government for taking action.
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Compass needs to take a stand

The article, ‘A historic opportunity for Cayman voters’ provides the ideal opportunity for me to raise a matter that seems to me a...

EDITORIAL – Sharing space for our community’s solution-seekers

Sometimes, the best way to honour a tradition is to allow it to adapt and grow. For that reason, the Compass is changing the manner and frequency of its unsigned editorial.

EDITORIAL – Good news day: A look at what is going right

It’s nice to hit the reset button every once in a while and focus on what’s going right. Thankfully, our islands have much to choose from on that score.

EDITORIAL – Petition verification must be thorough, swift and fair

A decision of this size, scope and historic significance should not be determined by a race to the finish line.

EDITORIAL – Financial audits: from ‘deplorable’ to ‘pleasing’

In our view, implementing these recommendations would bring the Cayman Islands to the ‘next level’ of responsible governance, joining other highly functioning democracies that prioritise transparency, fairness and efficiency in government affairs.

EDITORIAL – Grand Cayman traffic nightmare is about more than imports

It is telling that personal vehicles continue to be the go-to choice for most residents and many visitors, even if it means enduring stop-and-go traffic on logjammed roadways crammed with hundreds of other drivers doing the same.

EDITORIAL – Customs improvements must be a priority

Teaching customs and border patrol agents to recognise red flags and suspicious behaviours will allow them to better target would-be lawbreakers while reducing friction for everyday travellers. It is an efficient, customer-friendly use of resources.

EDITORIAL – Do not dismiss the public in port discussions

Our primary concern is the decision-making process be transparent, with plenty of opportunity for public input on the plans.

EDITORIAL – Getting ready for the rainy season

Unlike hurricanes, we can predict with near-100% certainty that the rainy season will wreak havoc on low-lying neighbourhoods – flooding streets, homes and businesses, causing headaches, inconvenience and damaging property.

EDITORIAL – Another win for sports tourism

Cayman’s repeated successes in sports tourism makes ‘winners’ of us all, opening up new revenue opportunities for the sector, diversifying entertainment options for our residents and reinforcing the importance of healthy, active lifestyles among our youth.

EDITORIAL – Bringing our history to life

We are glad to see so many young people taking these lessons to heart.

EDITORIAL – Getting up to speed on port decision

With the very real possibility of the question coming to referendum, the time has officially come for readers to redirect their attention to these discussions and to educate themselves about the issues at hand.

EDITORIAL – Offshore finance: Time to set the record straight

Researchers such as Oxford-trained economist Diego Zuluaga have pointed out that offshore centres, as important facilitators of aggregate investment, are, in fact, associated with improved economic outcomes.

EDITORIAL – Seek solutions as cost of living continues to rise

What, if anything can be done? The answers, while imperfect, remain largely unchanged.

EDITORIAL — Work swiftly to approve organ transplantation

We urge officials and council members to work diligently, and quickly, to implement processes and procedures that protect patient safety and ensure high standards of care.

EDITORIAL – A day (or two) to celebrate community

Celebrate Cayman 60 Acts of Service is a chance to show the power of individuals in collaboration.

EDITORIAL – A clear picture of a thriving economy

The governor's observations about Cayman's workforce were clearly intended to be positive and unifying. They should not have been controversial.

EDITORIAL – Another early introduction to hurricane season

The time to prepare is when the sun still is shining, not when a storm is heading our way.

EDITORIAL – Improving dialogue between the UK and Overseas Territories

Premier Alden McLaughlin struck the right tone in his recent statement on the United Kingdom’s governance of its overseas territories, demonstrating both fortitude and diplomacy as he addressed conflicts on a number of issues that are exceptionally sensitive politically in the Cayman Islands.

EDITORIAL — In celebration of Cayman’s mums

For all the long hours and little frustrations, most mums will say the perks of the job far outweigh the demands.

EDITORIAL – No harm in an independent opposition

Whether they do so by aligning themselves with the Premier or with the Opposition, there is no reason independent candidates cannot work together to do the job.

EDITORIAL – Another airport expansion on the horizon

The million-dollar question (actually, closer to $100 million, according to ballpark cost estimates for a second terminal) is whether and how fast airport traffic will keep growing.

EDITORIAL – A welcome reunion of Batabano and CayMAS

But by far the most exciting announcement this season has been that next year Batabano and CayMAS will be held on the same day, in one combined event.

EDITORIAL – Funding shortfall is cause for grave concern, if not alarm

If anything, we would take comfort in seeing our elected officials express a bit of alarm when discussing these issues, if only to signal that they understand the gravity of the situation.

EDITORIAL – Disabilities study should be public information

When government uses public funds to study an issue of public interest, the product belongs to the people. Transparency is a philosophical cornerstone of any...

EDITORIAL – In search of sargassum solutions

Cayman cannot control the ocean currents that occasionally steer sargassum in our direction, but working together, we can be prepared with a quick, efficient and effective response when it does.

EDITORIAL – Vaccination: Our best ‘shot’ against disease

It takes ongoing effort and careful vigilance to protect our islands from outbreaks of disease.

EDITORIAL – A safe, decent affordable place to call home

A good rule of thumb, used in many countries around the world, is that housing and related expenses should not exceed 30% of a household’s take-home income.

EDITORIAL – Working together to promote animal welfare

Last year, DoA impounded 388 dogs, according to records reviewed by the Compass. That is more than a dog per day – far too many for our little island.

EDITORIAL – A celebration of community, life and hope

Whatever you do, and however you celebrate, everyone here at the Compass wishes you a joyous Easter and a happy spring.

EDITORIAL – Let the CARIFTA Games begin

Hosting CARIFTA is no small task for our little islands, but it is well worth the effort.

EDITORIAL – Talking traffic: Are we reaching ‘critical mass’?

It is good to see transportation issues rising to this level of awareness after years of slowly deteriorating conditions.

EDITORIAL – Finding a cure for skyrocketing healthcare costs

But there is no question that something must be done to stop the out-of-control growth in government’s healthcare obligations and expenditures. Our current path is simply not sustainable.

EDITORIAL — Why care about school inspections?

The new school inspection framework sets appropriately high expectations. Now it is up to us to reach the bar.

EDITORIAL — When no news is bad news

Public officials have a duty to swiftly inform the public about slip-ups, detours and unexpected events

EDITORIAL — Good riddance to derelict vehicles

More than a few junkers were left so close to roadways, they threatened the safe flow of traffic. In short, it was a terrible mess.

EDITORIAL – This weekend, dig in to Taste of Cayman

After weeks of waiting, our islands’ appetite is more than sufficiently whetted for this beloved event.

EDITORIAL – Protecting resources on paper, and in practice

The success of these enhanced protections is dependent upon swift enactment, extensive education and robust enforcement.

EDITORIAL – A much-deserved honour for our deputy governor

It is fitting that he received the honour at the historic grounds of Pedro St. James.

EDITORIAL – Welcome to our royal visitors

When Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, arrive on Grand Cayman today, they will be greeted with all the pomp and ceremony befitting their station, and an official itinerary bursting with the best our islands have to offer.

EDITORIAL – Working together to banish hunger from our shores

Pooled together, even pocket change has the power to help eradicate hunger.

EDITORIAL – Building trust in public boards

The Central Planning Authority, in particular, wields considerable power and influence. Appropriately, it has taken meaningful steps toward transparency in recent years, but as an Auditor General’s report released early this year also noted, the work is far from over.

EDITORIAL – Congratulations to our Special Olympians

We celebrated with them, shared their joy and offer our heartiest congratulations. They made our islands proud.

EDITORIAL – Proper planning offers plenty of room to grow

Initially, the extension project was to be carried out in partnership with the developers of Ironwood golf resort near Frank Sound. But as that development percolates with no definite timeline to completion, government is wise to forge ahead.

EDITORIAL – CIFA officials must leave no room for doubt

As a highly visible, youth-focused organisation, CIFA must embody the highest ethical principles. As role models for our children and representatives of our islands overseas, they should conduct themselves as leaders – with integrity, accountability, honesty and openness.

EDITORIAL – Skilled trades offer students a path to success

Mr. Myles is to be commended, and his efforts supported – particularly by parents and educators who influence young people’s choices and who may be unaware of today’s job market realities.

EDITORIAL – Another delay on road to mental health facility

As all should well know after years of discussion, such a facility would fill a critical need for our population. So it is doubly frustrating to learn government has once again gone back to the drawing board in re-issuing a request for bids.

EDITORIAL – A longer ‘runway’ is needed to meet infrastructure needs

The real question is not whether a longer runway would be useful today, next month or even next year, but rather many years into the future.

EDITORIAL – Agriculture Show offers a chance to reconnect

Readers will want to wake up with the roosters tomorrow to be sure they are at The Grounds in Lower Valley bright and early. They...

EDITORIAL: At long last – an update about electronic records

This week the public finally has been made privy to some basic details about the long-promised launch of digital court records.
An aerial view of the business area of downtown George Town, Grand Cayman

EDITORIAL – Offshore under microscope again, with no end in sight

Brace yourselves: Another external “analysis” of Cayman’s offshore industry is coming, and the news is not expected to be good. Quelle surprise.

EDITORIAL – The explosive social issues in UK report

The tone and the title of the current report, “One family: rethinking Britain’s relationship with the Overseas Territories,” make clear that committee members see “Mother England” as a strict parent whose commands are certainly more than mere suggestions.

Letter: Miller expands on CIAA concerns

For the record, for you as editor and the public, my press release never at any time stated or implied that the CIAA should not recruit from overseas, but it did ask for a review of the recruitment plan, and that the CIAA consider replacing the terms being offered with more temporary arrangements that would prioritize training and professional development of Caymanians.

EDITORIAL – What Bermuda can learn from Cayman … and vice versa

We have our own leaders and community members who employ harmful rhetoric to stoke discontent, while peddling regressive protectionist policies.

EDITORIAL – Miller ‘flying blind’ in complaints about CIAA recruitment

If Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller had to undergo emergency life-saving surgery, would he stop the doctors from scrubbing up, in order to check their immigration status? If he were being robbed, would he turn police away if he thought the responding officers were not from the Cayman Islands?

EDITORIAL – Seeking the truth about regulations on ‘truth in advertising’

It will surprise no one that, as a newspaper, the Cayman Compass strongly supports advertising. We also support “truth in advertising.” But at this moment, we are unsure about the Utility Regulation and Competition Office’s proposed regulations on truth in advertising.

EDITORIAL – A royal welcome to Cayman’s royal visitors

When Prince Charles touches down on Grand Cayman next month, he will find an island much changed since his last official visit 46 years ago.
An aerial view of the business area of downtown George Town, Grand Cayman

EDITORIAL – Inflation: The silent pickpocket

Recently released statistics on inflation may have come as no surprise to Cayman Islands residents whose wallets lately have seemed a bit lighter.

EDITORIAL – Cayman homeowners smiling ‘ear to ear’ over ‘peer-to-peer’ rentals

Peer-to-peer housing rentals are an efficient way for our islands comfortably to accommodate increasing numbers of overnight visitors. In the short term, it’s certainly simpler and faster than building or expanding a traditional hotel – and involves significantly less in the way of capital investment.

EDITORIAL – Celebrating Eric Bush’s promotion to Cayman’s ‘chief promotion officer’

When Eric Bush returns to the Cayman Islands this July, he will arrive with a unique perspective on his home country’s global reputation, and also a Rolodex bursting with contact information for key decision-makers and influencers – two assets that will serve him well as the first Chief Officer for the new Ministry of International Trade, Investment, Aviation and Maritime Affairs.

EDITORIAL – Morritt’s Tortuga: Here’s to the next 30 years

It is wonderful to know that even as he sets his sights on Canada, Mr. Morritt will continue deepening his investment in Cayman.

EDITORIAL – Petition organizers: Why the reluctance to share your numbers?

Why, nearly six months into the effort, will organizers of a petition drive to force a cruise port referendum not reveal how many signatures they have collected?

EDITORIAL – Scranton’s park: A lesson in self-reliance

A cross section of Grand Cayman turned out this past Saturday morning to begin the tough work of transforming a blighted neighborhood park into a clean and safe space for play and recreation.

EDITORIAL – UK and Brexit: An embarrassing spectacle

Pundits say Parliament’s decision to press the issue of the Irish backstop increases the likelihood of the U.K. leaving the EU on the March 29 deadline without any agreement being in place.

EDITORIAL – Shipping registry holds Cayman’s banner high

Cayman’s “red ensign” has proven to be one of our country’s most powerful marketing devices, making Cayman synonymous with the very idea of luxury.

EDITORIAL – Recognizing and hopefully encouraging all at Beacon Farms

Beacon Farms has tapped into a well of knowledge in making the focus of its business the growth of both seeds and planters.

EDITORIAL – Trash collection: A dirty job that must be done

No offense to readers who toil away in C-suites or corner offices, but there are many types of jobs where occasional, extended or even habitual absenteeism might never be noticed. Garbage collection is not among those professions.

EDITORIAL – An overview of overruns at Owen Roberts

While it is disappointing to see the airport renovation exceed its budget, we will not take issue with any of the individual changes – including hurricane-impact windows, canopies to shelter passengers and baggage, landscaping improvements, etc. – which, if anything, should have been incorporated into the designs (and the budget) from Day One.

EDITORIAL – Please, no more reports on the causes of crime

The tools allotted to the police, the courts and our prisons, unfortunately but realistically, are very crude tools indeed. They are fashioned to deal with malefactors AFTER they have misbehaved.

EDITORIAL – Cayman property: Good news from the ‘home front’

Today’s front-page article about Cayman’s construction industry is the sort of report a CEO would rush to present to his board of directors. After all, who does not like good news?

EDITORIAL – Tax rates, tax revenues and ‘tax competition’

The notion of “unfair tax competition” is one of the reliable rationales that foreign entities employ to justify measures that infringe upon the economic sovereignty of, as a rule, relatively smaller and less powerful jurisdictions.

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