EDITORIAL – A celebration of community, life and hope

As we prepare for the holiday weekend, allow us to take a moment to wish all our Christian readers a blessed Easter.

We also wish our Jewish readers a joyous Passover, which begins at sundown on Friday, celebrating the Israelites’ freedom from slavery in ancient Egypt.

And to all our readers, of every faith and heritage, we wish harmonious days filled with peaceful relaxation and good company.

Spring is a season of renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation – no matter where we come from or what our religious beliefs. It is a time to reconnect with family and friends, whether that happens sharing food over a fire at a beachside campsite or raising a glass of bubbly at an elaborate Easter brunch.

This weekend is a time to celebrate our connection to the sea, the natural world and our Creator. A time to celebrate the glorious cacophony of an island community that is home to residents from nearly half the globe. It is a time to remember that for all the challenges and little frictions caused by our extraordinary diversity, therein also lies our greatest asset. That, although we may often see things differently, we can disagree respectfully and work for greater harmony. As Governor Martyn Roper told the Compass this week, we are – indeed – stronger together.

As he said, “Yes, there are challenges. Yes, there are difficulties, but when you step back a bit and consider just how much is going on here, the picture is positive.”

In fact, we would go so far as to argue that the picture is so positive in large part because it is so complex.

Consider the mangrove forests or our coral reefs – home to a panoply of life forms, all uniquely contributing to the home they share. Take one element away and the entire ecosystem suffers.  So it is in human societies, made up of people with various ambitions, aptitudes and world views.

No community, any more than any habitat, can truly thrive without rich variation. It provides a vibrant energy. Consider the bounty of activities from which to choose this weekend – representing traditions native to Cayman and ‘imported’ from elsewhere.

Some will stay on dry land, attending or hosting barbecues and dinners, while others will brave the open seas and man the decks for the Cayman Islands Sailing Club’s Easter Regatta. In some homes, the Easter Bunny will bring goodies and hide colourful eggs for children to discover. Other families will rise early to congregate in churches to celebrate God’s promise and Jesus’ resurrection. Some will launch multicoloured kites to sail the breeze at Kaibo; others will sunbathe and snooze or swim.

Though these activities may be vastly different in their particulars, through each runs a common thread: A celebration of life on our beautiful islands and our community.

For all our species’ beautiful variations, at our core we really are not so different. The key is in developing mutual respect and appreciation (aka: disagreeing without being disagreeable) as we work towards a common future.

Whatever you do, and however you celebrate, everyone here at the Compass wishes you a joyous Easter and a happy spring.

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