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EDITORIAL – Good news day: A look at what is going right

It’s nice to hit the reset button every once in a while and focus on what’s going right. Thankfully, our islands have much to choose from on that score.

EDITORIAL – Petition verification must be thorough, swift and fair

A decision of this size, scope and historic significance should not be determined by a race to the finish line.

EDITORIAL – Financial audits: from ‘deplorable’ to ‘pleasing’

In our view, implementing these recommendations would bring the Cayman Islands to the ‘next level’ of responsible governance, joining other highly functioning democracies that prioritise transparency, fairness and efficiency in government affairs.

EDITORIAL – Grand Cayman traffic nightmare is about more than imports

It is telling that personal vehicles continue to be the go-to choice for most residents and many visitors, even if it means enduring stop-and-go traffic on logjammed roadways crammed with hundreds of other drivers doing the same.

EDITORIAL – Customs improvements must be a priority

Teaching customs and border patrol agents to recognise red flags and suspicious behaviours will allow them to better target would-be lawbreakers while reducing friction for everyday travellers. It is an efficient, customer-friendly use of resources.

EDITORIAL – Do not dismiss the public in port discussions

Our primary concern is the decision-making process be transparent, with plenty of opportunity for public input on the plans.

EDITORIAL – Getting ready for the rainy season

Unlike hurricanes, we can predict with near-100% certainty that the rainy season will wreak havoc on low-lying neighbourhoods – flooding streets, homes and businesses, causing headaches, inconvenience and damaging property.

EDITORIAL – Another win for sports tourism

Cayman’s repeated successes in sports tourism makes ‘winners’ of us all, opening up new revenue opportunities for the sector, diversifying entertainment options for our residents and reinforcing the importance of healthy, active lifestyles among our youth.

EDITORIAL – Bringing our history to life

We are glad to see so many young people taking these lessons to heart.

EDITORIAL – Getting up to speed on port decision

With the very real possibility of the question coming to referendum, the time has officially come for readers to redirect their attention to these discussions and to educate themselves about the issues at hand.

EDITORIAL – Offshore finance: Time to set the record straight

Researchers such as Oxford-trained economist Diego Zuluaga have pointed out that offshore centres, as important facilitators of aggregate investment, are, in fact, associated with improved economic outcomes.

EDITORIAL – Seek solutions as cost of living continues to rise

What, if anything can be done? The answers, while imperfect, remain largely unchanged.

EDITORIAL — Work swiftly to approve organ transplantation

We urge officials and council members to work diligently, and quickly, to implement processes and procedures that protect patient safety and ensure high standards of care.

EDITORIAL – A day (or two) to celebrate community

Celebrate Cayman 60 Acts of Service is a chance to show the power of individuals in collaboration.

EDITORIAL – A clear picture of a thriving economy

The governor's observations about Cayman's workforce were clearly intended to be positive and unifying. They should not have been controversial.

EDITORIAL – Another early introduction to hurricane season

The time to prepare is when the sun still is shining, not when a storm is heading our way.

EDITORIAL – Improving dialogue between the UK and Overseas Territories

Premier Alden McLaughlin struck the right tone in his recent statement on the United Kingdom’s governance of its overseas territories, demonstrating both fortitude and diplomacy as he addressed conflicts on a number of issues that are exceptionally sensitive politically in the Cayman Islands.

EDITORIAL — In celebration of Cayman’s mums

For all the long hours and little frustrations, most mums will say the perks of the job far outweigh the demands.

EDITORIAL – No harm in an independent opposition

Whether they do so by aligning themselves with the Premier or with the Opposition, there is no reason independent candidates cannot work together to do the job.

EDITORIAL – Another airport expansion on the horizon

The million-dollar question (actually, closer to $100 million, according to ballpark cost estimates for a second terminal) is whether and how fast airport traffic will keep growing.

EDITORIAL – A welcome reunion of Batabano and CayMAS

But by far the most exciting announcement this season has been that next year Batabano and CayMAS will be held on the same day, in one combined event.

EDITORIAL – Funding shortfall is cause for grave concern, if not alarm

If anything, we would take comfort in seeing our elected officials express a bit of alarm when discussing these issues, if only to signal that they understand the gravity of the situation.

EDITORIAL – Disabilities study should be public information

When government uses public funds to study an issue of public interest, the product belongs to the people. Transparency is a philosophical cornerstone of any...

EDITORIAL – In search of sargassum solutions

Cayman cannot control the ocean currents that occasionally steer sargassum in our direction, but working together, we can be prepared with a quick, efficient and effective response when it does.

EDITORIAL – Vaccination: Our best ‘shot’ against disease

It takes ongoing effort and careful vigilance to protect our islands from outbreaks of disease.

EDITORIAL – A safe, decent affordable place to call home

A good rule of thumb, used in many countries around the world, is that housing and related expenses should not exceed 30% of a household’s take-home income.

EDITORIAL – Working together to promote animal welfare

Last year, DoA impounded 388 dogs, according to records reviewed by the Compass. That is more than a dog per day – far too many for our little island.

EDITORIAL – A celebration of community, life and hope

Whatever you do, and however you celebrate, everyone here at the Compass wishes you a joyous Easter and a happy spring.

EDITORIAL – Let the CARIFTA Games begin

Hosting CARIFTA is no small task for our little islands, but it is well worth the effort.

EDITORIAL – Talking traffic: Are we reaching ‘critical mass’?

It is good to see transportation issues rising to this level of awareness after years of slowly deteriorating conditions.

EDITORIAL – Finding a cure for skyrocketing healthcare costs

But there is no question that something must be done to stop the out-of-control growth in government’s healthcare obligations and expenditures. Our current path is simply not sustainable.

EDITORIAL — Why care about school inspections?

The new school inspection framework sets appropriately high expectations. Now it is up to us to reach the bar.

EDITORIAL — When no news is bad news

Public officials have a duty to swiftly inform the public about slip-ups, detours and unexpected events

EDITORIAL — Good riddance to derelict vehicles

More than a few junkers were left so close to roadways, they threatened the safe flow of traffic. In short, it was a terrible mess.

EDITORIAL – This weekend, dig in to Taste of Cayman

After weeks of waiting, our islands’ appetite is more than sufficiently whetted for this beloved event.

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