PPM: Alden is our guy

Following an attempt to poach members of the People’s Progressive Movement away from the party, all 14 Progressives candidates signed a statement Thursday agreeing their continued support for party leader Alden McLaughlin.

“We stand unreservedly behind our choice for leader, Alden McLaughlin,” the statement signed by Woody DaCosta, Capt. Bryan Ebanks, Dalkeith Bothwell, Ray Farrington, Kurt Tibbetts, Kenneth Bryan, Lucille Seymour, Joey Hew, Marco Archer, Wayne Panton, Alva Suckoo, Anthony Eden, Osbourne Bodden and Moses Kirkconnell read. “For anyone to suggest otherwise is to try and mislead and deceive the public.”

Rather blunt overtures were made to supposedly disaffected PPM candidates earlier in the week by independent candidates supported by the Coalition for Cayman political group.

A statement released by the coalition candidates Wednesday indicated they would not form a coalition government with the United Democratic Party, but would join with any PPM members who were dissatisfied with the party’s current leadership.

According to the signed statement released Thursday: “We join with our leader in giving the public the guarantee that we will work with anyone, chosen by the people, who share the views and philosophy to which we subscribe.

“We will not be sidetracked from our mission to represent the good people of Cayman by the spurious claims of a group that has failed to gain the broad-based support of Caymanians. We ask the voters not to fail to see their wicked attempts to cause disharmony among us and to cause you to doubt our loyalty.”

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  1. The one problem I have with Party politics is that if you vote for one person on the team the vote is truely for the leader…You can hate Alden or Bush but if you Vote for any member of their party that’s who they answer to..

  2. Those candidates who would suggest Alden McLaughlin to be the right person for the job could not have been on this Island between 2005 and 2009. The PPM with Alden McLaughlin caused much pain and sorrow. I would like all of those persons endorsing him as the guy explained how we got into this mess, explain why we have to go begging to UK now for money. Did the PPM caused this? Refresh your memories. Further more what has the PPM government done in those four years except collect good money and sleep at the wheel.. No Cayman, you cannot vote the PPM in again. Leave them out this time, they are old, brains not so good and the new candidates running for them just cannot pull us through these times. As I see it now the Cayman needs the Government that is in now, along with Independents Ezzard, McLean, and some c4c. Make up a good government. Some old and some new, but not the PPM.

  3. On the surface this is a great show of support and unity but beneath the surface there must have been something there for this overt need of overt support. Really what else could a candidate, 1 week from the election, say were they to have sincere doubts about the PPM leadership?

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