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Those who left us in 2018

From treasure hunters and philanthropists to guitar pickers and astronomers, the Cayman Islands lost a myriad of talents and trailblazers in 2018.

Centenarian Marguerite Rankine passes away

Marguerite Rankine, 100, passed away at the Cayman Islands Hospital on Saturday, Feb. 10.

Celebrating Cayman’s centenarians

Cayman is fortunate to have several residents who have lived for 100 years and more. Cayman Compass reporter Jewel Levy has compiled profiles of many of Cayman’s centenarians through meetings and interviews with them and their loved ones, as they celebrated birthdays over the years. Here, some share the secrets to their long lives and others look back at what a century of change has wrought.

100-year-old celebrating birthday wishes for a long life

A Cayman senior who just turned 100 after a remarkably productive and adventurous life, says she still has plenty of work to do, and hopes to add more years to her tally.

100-year-old meets her 99-year-old best friend after 13 years

Two best friends who both celebrate their 100th birthdays this year and who first met at church in Cayman in 1951, were reunited last week after 13 years. “God sent me a blessing today, it’s a privilege just to hold my friend’s hand."

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