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Turtle rescued after falling in pool

The Department of Environment's turtle-rescue team sprang into action over the weekend to save a green sea turtle after it got stuck in a swimming pool.

Shark killed as ghost net causes coral damage in South Sound

A nurse shark was killed and two others, along with several species of fish, were rescued by Department of Environment officers after the marine creatures became trapped in a ‘ghost net’ in South Sound, near the Pallas wreck.

Lionfish culler healing after being bitten by nurse shark

Diver Paul Egleston is healing and in good spirits after being bitten by a nurse shark on Saturday.

Lobster season comes to a close

The National Conservation Law sets the closed season for lobster from March 1 through Nov. 30, and nobody is allowed to take lobster from Cayman waters during that period.

Environment officers fighting poachers

Lobster, conch, turtles and a parrot are among the illegally taken animals seized by environment enforcement officers in recent investigations, according to a report to the National Conservation Council.

Cull competitors bring in 591 lionfish

Culling lionfish is sometimes compared to pulling weeds. As soon as you clear one patch, new specimens spring up elsewhere. “We don’t ever expect to eradicate them completely,” said Mark Orr.

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