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NiCE summer work wraps up

This summer’s National Community Enhancement work project, known as NiCE, finished on Friday, after 486 unemployed Caymanians, working in 18 teams, completed the two-week clean-up programme.

NiCE workers hit the streets

National Community Enhancement project workers paint kerbs at the junction of Shedden Road and North Sound Road in George Town on the first day of the NiCE summer project.

Unemployed could be given sargassum role

An army of unemployed Caymanians could be put to work clearing unsightly sargassum weed from the island’s beaches.

Dates set for winter NiCE program

The traditional end-of-the-year National Community Enhancement project will run Nov. 26 to Dec. 14.

NiCE work if you can get it

Workers on Cayman’s community summer cleanup were putting in a full shift Wednesday, clearing bush and weeds from an old cemetery in West Bay.

Job program workers to receive training, references

Workers taking part in the summer National Community Enhancement program will receive extra incentives for the work they do, in a bid to improve their resumes and their chances of eventually finding full-time employment, the government announced Friday.

Opposition: Summer work program a ‘band-aid solution’

Government’s summer work program for jobless Caymanians has divided opinions, politically.

Hundreds enroll in NiCE work

Hundreds of jobless Caymanians packed into the Lions Centre Monday to sign up for government’s summer work program.

Government is ‘NiCE’ twice in 2018

The Cayman Islands annual government-sponsored pre-Christmas cleanup program is not just for the holidays any longer.

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