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The resolution

Today's editorial cartoon

EDITORIAL – Entering the New Year with resolutions and renewed resolve

The dawn of a new year is more meaning-laden than the simple act of turning a calendar page might suggest. It is a time, if only symbolically, for new beginnings in our community and our personal lives.

EDITORIAL – New Year’s Honours: Going, going, ‘gong’

When the United Kingdom announced the annual New Year Honours, we eagerly scanned the list of names for Cayman Islands residents … But alas, this year, it seems, was not Cayman’s year.

Premier’s 2017 New Year’s message

As we clear away the torn wrapping paper, take down the decorations and swear to go on a diet after the indulgences of the Christmas season, the start of the New Year provides an opportunity for reflection.

Opposition Leader’s 2017 New Year’s message

My fellow Caymanians, it is with a grateful heart that I address you at the dawn of this New Year.

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