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EDITORIAL – Straightening out Sunday liquor sales: That is the spirit

Last Friday marked the end of one of the more, let’s say, “interesting” chapters in Grand Cayman’s regulatory history, as the Liquor Licensing Board gave the official green light to 12 businesses seeking to sell alcohol on Sundays.

Sunday liquor licenses approved

A dozen liquor stores and gas stations have been granted licenses to sell alcohol on Sundays under a new licensing regime.

Dancing, music ban jeopardizes New Year’s Eve parties at hotels

A prohibition on Sunday dancing and live music at restaurants and bars will also apply to hotels this New Year’s Eve, Liquor Licensing Board Chairman Noel Williams confirmed on Wednesday.

No dancing or music allowed in Cayman on New Year’s Eve

This New Year’s Eve falls on a Sunday, triggering 40-year-old legislation that prohibits dancing and music on that day of the week.

Peanuts license granted – then expires

Peanuts convenience store at Red Bay gas station has been issued a license to sell alcohol on Sundays with one significant catch – it expired on Saturday.

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