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Cayman Airways veterans share company history

Norman Bodden remembers the days when the runway at Owen Roberts International Airport was lit with kerosene lamps for night landings.

Letter – Celebrate values like courage and fairness

I saw Kirkland Nixon toe-to-toe with captains of industry and high-priced attorneys on fundamental principles, and on each occasion principle to him was like bedrock.

Premier comes out swinging

In a Saturday night event that was partly a campaign launch and partly a fond farewell to a former Progressives party leader, Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin took aim at two political opponents.

EDITORIAL – Cayman’s new anti-corruption ‘Dream Team’

On occasion a government announcement hits our inboxes carrying a certainty that, in this case, this group of individuals will have a significant impact on the workings of the public sector.

Norman Bodden named to Anti-Corruption Commission

More than a year after the two private members left their posts on the Anti-Corruption Commission, the governor has named Norman Bodden of Bodden & Bodden Attorneys at Law and Bodden Corporate Services to the commission.

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