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NEW: Governor brings in UK coastguard to review missing boaters case

The U.K. Maritime and Coastguard Agency will conduct an independent review of the local police force’s response in a missing persons investigation at sea that occurred in early March.

EDITORIAL – Gov. Kilpatrick: Three cheers for one more year

It comes as welcome news that Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick has decided to extend her time in office another year, until September 2017.

EDITORIAL – Baines departure: A loss for the Cayman Islands

In a laboratory, there are certain chemicals that, individually, are benign or even beneficial — but, when combined, create nitroglycerine. In the real world, two such substances are politics and policing.

3rd request

Top stories of 2015: Bush, McLaughlin take legal action

Both Cayman's premier and opposition leader got litigious over the 2013 general election during 2015.

Bush demands meeting on drugs stolen from police station

Cayman’s opposition party leader is demanding a private meeting with the police commissioner and deputy governor to discuss the status of a criminal investigation into the theft of large amounts of cocaine and ganja from a police storage bin earlier this year.

McLaughlin v. Bush: The People's House or the courthouse?

While McKeeva Bush’s parliamentary motion and Alden McLaughlin’s defamation lawsuit are related, they are not equal. Though both are political in nature, one measure is “public,” and the other is “personal.”

Premier dismisses conspiracy allegations

Premier Alden McLaughlin has dismissed allegations that he was involved in any “conspiracy” along with the governor and others to depose former leader of the country McKeeva Bush.

Bush motion alleges conspiracy 'toppled' UDP government

Cayman's former premier alleges a far-reaching conspiracy to remove him from office prior to the last election.

Operation Tempura: What's the $500,000 secret?

The $10 million-plus, U.K.-orchestrated, Cayman Islands-financed fiasco, is back - and there's a lot of "plus."

[email protected] declared dead, moving to National Gallery in 2015

After 14 years, the annual [email protected] weekend on the front lawn of the Governor’s House is dead, canceled this year because of budget and space pressures, according to National Gallery Director Natalie Urquhart.

Sorry saga 
of Tempura 
inches onward

What took place during Operation Tempura that was so horrible that the U.K. is spending so much effort to suppress it?

Governor claims victory in court

The Office of the Governor on Wednesday claimed victory in its Grand Court appeal last week as Lord Justice Alan Moses “quashed” an Information Commission order demanding release hundreds of pages of sensitive documents.

On wiretapping: Why no judges? 
(You be the judge)

When it comes to issuing warrants for police wiretapping, the judiciary needs to be involved, not just the governor.

Court orders Dilbert to reconsider decision

The Office of Information Commissioner Jennifer Dilbert on Tuesday released more details about last week’s court decision regarding the Governor’s appeal of an order to release hundreds of pages of sensitive documents.

Judge forbids comment on FOI court decision

In a bizarre late-Friday end to last week’s two-day Freedom of Information judicial review in the Grand Court, Lord Justice Moses delivered his verdict in chambers, then forbade either side to discuss it.

Governor gives grant for sea turtle survey

The Office of the Governor has granted nearly $11,000 to the Department of the Environment for nighttime surveys of nesting female turtles on Cayman beaches.

Life sentences ‘inhuman’, court rules

Whole life jail sentences without the possibility of parole for convicted murderers are called “inhumane” in a landmark European court ruling that could have implications in the Cayman Islands.

Mac calls foul on charges

Former Premier McKeeva Bush's United Democratic Party vowed to stand behind its leader this week after police charged him on 11 counts, including corruption-related and theft offences.

Bush to press ahead with revised finance law

Premier McKeeva Bush plans to press ahead with legislation relating to a financial management agreement between the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands despite strong opposition from the British overseas minister.

UK Minister on Cruise Project

The Governor releases a letter from the FCO Minister to the Premier regarding concerns about procurement of better cruise ship facilities

Premier: Cayman Islands ‘difficult to push’

Some major cracks appear in the UK-Cayman territorial relationship.

Awards recognise conservation leaders

The recently announced Governor's Conservation Awards will recognise conservation leaders in Cayman.

Old and new get top honours for design and construction

Two projects received top honours during a ceremony to announce the winner of the inaugural Governor's Award for Design and Construction Excellence on Thursday 2 December.

Lightning detection system coming

A new lightning detection system for the Cayman Islands National Weather Service will help make air travel safer.

Complaints commissioner named

A former British police complaints commissioner will take over from John Epp as the Cayman Islands ombudsman.

NRA staff warned

National Roads Authority Managing Director Brian Tomlinson issued a stern warning to all NRA staff last week not to do any favours for political candidates.

NRA staff warned

National Roads Authority Managing Director Brian Tomlinson issued a stern warning to all NRA staff last week not to do any favours for political candidates.

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