Lightning detection system coming

A new lightning detection system
for the Cayman Islands National Weather Service will help make air travel

“A lightning detection system is an
invaluable tool for airport operations, in various areas of aircraft safety
management,” said National Weather Service Director General Fred Sambula.
“Lightning can negatively impact areas such as aircraft refuelling and
deplaning or boarding passengers.”

The Office of the Governor said the
system, which is expected to arrive on Grand Cayman within the next few weeks,
was donated by the United Kingdom’s Meteorological Office.

Mr. Sambula said the new system
will provide weather forecasters with data on lightning intensity and frequency
in several weather systems, including cold fronts, tropical waves and

“This will afford us better
analysis regarding intensity and development of such systems when they threaten
the Cayman Islands,” Mr. Sambula said.

“Overall, our early warning system
will be further enhanced by providing the public with better information for
protecting life and property.”

Deputy Premier and Works Minister
Juliana O’Connor-Connolly said she is delighted by the donation.

“It can only further enhance the
capacity and efficiency of our National Weather Services,” she said.

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