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Wrecks of the Cayman Islands

Beneath the crystal-clear waters of the Cayman Islands lies the wreckage of almost 200 ships. Spanning the centuries from sail-powered British naval frigates to...

Tales from beneath the waves

To kick off a new 'Issues' series, the Cayman Compass explores some of the Cayman's spectacular wrecks.

The real story of Cayman’s most famous shipwreck

The thrilling history of the Cayman Islands’ most famous shipwreck is revealed in a new book penned by the director of the national museum.

Underwater ‘train wreck’ could be relic of phosphate mining

The discovery of old-fashioned train wheel-sets in shallow water off East End may be linked to the bygone era of phosphate mining in the Cayman Islands, historians believe.

New roof for National Museum

The Cayman Islands National Museum is getting a new roof to protect the artefacts inside the downtown building on Harbour Drive.

Cayman celebrates International Museum Day

Cayman celebrated International Museum Day on Friday, offering free admission to exhibits and a number of other events celebrating Cayman’s cultural heritage.

Volunteers piecing together Cayman’s past

The journeys collide on a table littered with shards of plates and pottery in a room at the Cayman Islands National Museum.

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