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Counting the cost of living in the Cayman Islands

In a comprehensive data analysis, James Whittaker and Michael Klein examine some of the highest costs of living in Cayman and assess how we measure up to the United Kingdom and the United States.

More Caymanians opt for private schools

Enrolment in private schools is increasing as more local parents opt out of placing their children in Cayman’s government-run public schools, the Public Accounts Committee heard last week.
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EDITORIAL – In education, the ‘need to read’ is paramount

As far as we can determine, there is little to find fault with the Office of Education Standards, which just issued its annual report, focusing on the 10 public primary schools in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman International School expansion approved

Plans for a $45 million expansion that will double the size of the Cayman International School were approved by the Central Planning Authority Wednesday.

Public input sought on school inspections

The Office of Education Standards is holding a series of public meetings to get input on the proposed framework which will be used for inspecting schools.

Space shortage in private schools

Jessica Reed thought she was being proactive when she registered to enroll her daughter Zara at Cayman Prep Primary School four years ago.

EDITORIAL – When Cayman’s private schools run out of space

When pondering a relocation (particularly to a foreign land), three questions rise to the forefront of every parent’s mind:

EDITORIAL – ‘Taking attendance’ at Cayman’s public schools

Winston Connolly has done it again. The George Town lawmaker’s “Diogenes” gene has re-activated — meaning that Mr. Connolly has gone and said something amazingly honest, with no regard to the political consequences. We admire and applaud him for that.

Triple C School marks 75 years

Triple C School is marking its 75th anniversary this week with a number of events. A sports event on Saturday, Oct. 15, featured soccer matches for the Under-9 and Under-11 teams, followed by a match with alumni/parents vs. present students.

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