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CCMI hosts coral reef symposium in London

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute is hosting a two-day international symposium about the future of the world’s coral reefs. The symposium began Monday at St. James’s Palace in London.

Reef restoration from Carnival anchor drop nears completion

When the Carnival Magic dropped its anchor in the wrong spot on Aug. 27, 2014, it destroyed about 16,000 square feet of coral reef off the George Town waterfront. Now, almost 20 months later, the restoration work by a dedicated group of volunteers is almost complete.

Panton: Loophole meant no prosecution for reef damage

A loophole in the Marine Conservation Law prevented the Cayman government from pursuing charges against the Carnival Magic cruise ship or the local pilot who caused a ship anchor to destroy about 16,000 square feet of reef in 2014, Environment Minister Wayne Panton told the Legislative Assembly Wednesday.

Conservation Council in spear conundrum

The National Conservation Council has raised concerns that its responsibility for renewing spear fishing licenses may conflict with its legal duty to protect threatened fish species.

CCMI scientists share research with top ecologists

Central Caribbean Marine Institute researchers recently joined some 400 top marine ecologists at the 45th Benthic Ecology Meeting in Portland, Maine, to present their findings on Cayman’s marine ecosystems.

Restoration completed of reef damaged by Paul Allen’s yacht

The Department of Environment and Paul Allen’s company Vulcan, Inc., on Friday announced the completion of a joint restoration project aimed at helping to speed the recovery of coral in West Bay damaged by Mr. Allen’s yacht in January.

Smallest-ever lionfish caught in tournament

Lionfish cullers braved windy conditions over the weekend to pull in a near-record haul, including the smallest lionfish ever caught in Cayman’s waters.

DoE, Paul Allen settle differences to salvage coral reef

Work will resume Tuesday on repairing an area of coral reef that was damaged when the mega-yacht Tatoosh, owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, dropped anchor off West Bay in January.
Paul Allen's yacht Tatoosh is blamed for anchor damage to the reef in the West Bay replenishment zone. - PHOTO: JAMES WHITTAKER

EDITORIAL – Government stays underwater on Allen’s reef proposal

Who will speak for our reefs, if not the Cayman Islands Ministry of Environment?

CCMI: Reefs face bigger threats than Allen’s yacht

Damage caused to a Cayman Islands coral reef by Paul Allen’s mega-yacht is troubling and ironic, but it is far from the greatest threat facing the fragile ecosystem, according to the head of Little Cayman’s Central Caribbean Marine Institute.

Killing Cayman’s coral

When will the government do something to prevent the destruction of coral and the environment in the Cayman Islands?
Paul Allen's yacht Tatoosh is blamed for anchor damage to the reef in the West Bay replenishment zone. - PHOTO: JAMES WHITTAKER

Mega-yacht owner plans reef restoration

Representatives of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen say he has developed a remediation plan to help restore damaged reef impacted by his 300-foot mega-yacht Tatoosh.

Allen yacht reef damage ‘worse than expected’

Some of the damage caused by the anchor chain of Paul Allen’s yacht is irreparable, scuba divers who have surveyed the site believe.

EDITORIAL – Equal environmental justice for everyone

We in the Cayman Islands should exercise great caution not to turn an environmental issue into a “class warfare” issue.
Paul Allen's yacht Tatoosh is blamed for anchor damage to the reef in the West Bay replenishment zone. - PHOTO: JAMES WHITTAKER

Billionaire’s yacht blamed for coral reef damage

An area of around 13,000 square feet of coral reef habitat within a marine park was impacted by anchor damage from the mega-yacht Tatoosh, according to a survey by Department of Environment divers.

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