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Sargassum problem ‘here to stay’

Environment officials are investigating long-term solutions to the ongoing problem of regular invasions of foul smelling sargassum seaweed that have impacted Cayman’s beaches over the past few years.

Sargassum seaweed clogs coastline

Some coastal areas of Grand Cayman are experiencing influxes of Sargassum seaweed, with mats of the rotting reddish-brown seaweed drifting into shore along South Sound, pictured above, West Bay and other locations.

High seas batter Grand Cayman’s west coast

Cayman waterfront businesses were working Sunday to clean up and repair their premises after winds and high waves battered George Town, Seven Mile Beach and West Bay over the weekend.

Sharp drop in nesting turtle numbers

Despite threats from poachers, plastic pollution, coastal development and now sargassum seaweed, researchers remain optimistic about the long-term survival of the Cayman Islands nesting sea turtle population.

Sargassum iguanas

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Sargassum invasion hits Cayman again

Several Cayman Islands beaches were blanketed in foul-smelling sargassum weed again this week, with the Department of Environment warning periodic seaweed invasions are likely to continue.


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Mail Call: Sargassum summer

Sargassum. It is quickly becoming a dirty word here in the Caribbean, as massive floating mats of the stuff inundate our shores.

Clearing sargassum comes with environmental risks

As thick mats of yellow seaweed continue to invade Cayman’s beaches, canals and harbors, environment officials are warning the cure could be worse than the problem.

EDITORIAL – Sargassum summer: Cayman’s loyal but unpopular guest

Sargassum is more than a nuisance; the flotillas of flora pose a real threat to our tourism economy.

It’s back: Sargassum befouls local beaches

Unsightly mats of sargassum weed have washed up in Grand Cayman, bringing with them a foul odor and potential problems for the tourism industry.

Sargassum seaweed returns to Cayman

Beachgoers reported an influx of sargassum seaweed this weekend at a number of beaches and coastal areas on the south side of Grand Cayman and in parts of West Bay.

‘It keeps washing in’: Sargassum chokes beaches in wake of Irma

Cayman’s business owners are teaming up to rid the beaches of a smelly vestige of Hurricane Irma. The Cayman Islands Tourism Association sent an advisory this week regarding the seaweed and trash that has been accumulating along Seven Mile Beach.

Seaweed covers South Sound beach

Sargassum seaweed, which hits Grand Cayman’s coastline from time to time, is seen on the beach at South Sound, where it has been settling for a couple of weeks.

Sargassum seaweed floods Cayman’s coastline

It’s back. Grand Cayman’s coastline, from farthest east to the southwest, was awash in seaweed "mats" – known as Sargassum – following windy weather that hit the island in mid-June.

Sargassum threat is the ‘new normal’ for Caribbean

Major influxes of dense mats of foul-smelling sargassum seaweed, like those that invaded Cayman’s beaches last summer, could be the “new normal” for the Caribbean, according to scientists and policymakers gathered in Cayman for a regional fisheries conference last week. Researchers are warning that such incursions could become commonplace,

Seaweed still clogging Cayman beaches

Sargassum seaweed continues to float ashore throughout Grand Cayman.

Seaweed blankets Seven Mile Beach

The typically pristine shoreline along Seven Mile Beach has been covered in a massive amount of unsightly sargassum seaweed since Wednesday morning. Clean-up operations were stalled Thursday as more seaweed was expected to wash ashore later in the day.

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