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HMCI: No guarantee on hurricane evacuation flights

With borders still closed Hazard Management Cayman Islands leaders have said they cannot guarantee frequent evacuation flights out of Cayman over hurricane season especially for those who are not vaccinated.

The Resh Hour with Hazard Management Cayman Islands

Reshma Ragoonath sits down with Danielle Coleman, Director of Hazard Management Cayman Islands and Simon Boxall, Public Awareness and Education Officer/ Acting Deputy Director (of HMCI) to discuss the 2021 hurricane season and how best the Cayman Islands can prepare for it.

Emergency-alerts upgrade moves to second phase

Government has started its second phase of upgrades to Cayman’s National Emergency Notification System, which includes creating a mobile app for national alerts.

New study shows slower moving hurricanes more dangerous

A new scientific study shows that tropical cyclones are moving more slowly than in years past.

Agency tests tsunami response with drill

Officials with Hazard Management Cayman Islands prepared for a tsunami on Thursday, generated by a magnitude 8.1 earthquake off the coast of Columbia at 9 a.m. Both the quake and the resultant wave were imaginary. This was only a drill.
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Cayman to participate in regional tsunami-response exercise

The Cayman Islands will participate in a regionwide tsunami response exercise on Thursday, according to an announcement from Hazard Management Cayman Islands.

Cayman working with UK on developing hazmat response

Hazard Management Cayman Islands is developing a plan for dealing with hazardous materials in the territory, the government announced on Friday.

Earthquake sparks tsunami scare

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Honduras Tuesday night triggered a tsunami scare that impacted the Cayman Islands and raised new questions about the islands’ emergency alert capability.

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