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Chairman, advisor resign from Tax Justice Network in row over direction

John Christensen, chairman and founding director of the Tax Justice Network, has resigned from his role, citing “mounting frustration and disenchantment” with the tax advocacy group.

New report claims more than $400B lost to tax havens each year

A new report by the Tax Justice Network places Cayman at the top of the list of countries responsible for global tax losses, estimated at $70 billion for the jurisdiction.

Tax campaigners: OECD tax reform to increase inequality

Proposals by the OECD for reforming the way technology companies and other multinationals are taxed are likely to benefit rich countries most, an analysis by campaign group Tax Justice Network has found.

EDITORIAL – Offshore finance: Time to set the record straight

Researchers such as Oxford-trained economist Diego Zuluaga have pointed out that offshore centres, as important facilitators of aggregate investment, are, in fact, associated with improved economic outcomes.

NGO blames territories for tax system failure

The Tax Justice Network has placed the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and Cayman at the top of a list that the tax campaigners call “the 10 most corrosive tax havens in the world”.

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