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No parties, only independents and alliances running in West Bay

The Cayman Democratic Party, which was formerly known as the United Democratic Party, is not making an appearance in this year’s general election.

Bush drops Florida court action against FCO staffer

Cayman Islands Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush has abandoned an attempt via the American courts to retrieve years’ worth of emails and other documents from a U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office employee as part of a lawsuit Mr. Bush filed in 2015 claiming wrongful prosecution.

Bush seeks help from U.S. court in ‘conspiracy’ claim

Cayman Islands Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush has sought a Florida court’s assistance in retrieving years of emails and other communications between a Miami-based British law enforcement adviser and former Cayman government officials who Mr. Bush sued, claiming they plotted the demise of his United Democratic Party government in 2011-2012.

2017 editorials: The Compass’s voice on significant issues

Today we feature highlights from some of what we consider to be the most compelling and important editorials that appeared in the Cayman Compass in 2017, dealing with some of the most pressing matters facing our country.

Cayman Democratic Party chair resigns

The long-time chairwoman of the Cayman Islands Democratic Party resigned Monday, citing “personal reasons.”

Constitutional Commission renews call for Advisory District Councils

Cayman’s three-member Constitutional Commission on Thursday called for creation of Advisory District Councils as part of efforts marking the annual “Day of Democracy” on Sept. 15.

George Town Landfill: A growing monument to governments’ inaction

The issue is a long-standing toxic eyesore that dominates Grand Cayman’s landscape, presents an odorous nuisance for neighbors and poses a potential health threat to the Cayman Islands public. The George Town Landfill has been a fixture on the political calendar for decades but became a headline-grabbing topic during the United Democratic Party’s 2009-2012 administration.

EDITORIAL – George Town Landfill: A political issue that continues to burn

On the 2013 campaign trail, the Progressives had assured voters they possessed a “non-Dart, non-Bodden Town” solution to address decades of governmental inaction on the George Town landfill. As we now know, there was no solution; there was no plan.

Former PPM leader’s brother on opposition party team

The opposition Democratic Party will field at least 10 party candidates, in addition to supporting some independents for the upcoming election. One of those CDP candidates is Denniston Tibbetts, the older brother of Progressives party founder and former leader, Kurt Tibbetts.

Political coalitions forming ahead of May 2017 election

At least four, and potentially five political coalitions or political parties are readying to contest the Cayman Islands general election on May 24. Both major political parties, the Progressives and the Cayman Democratic Party, intend to field a slate of candidates.

Bankrupt Hewitts lament ‘attacks’

The couple made bankrupt after a court challenge to the election of Tara Rivers say they remain hopeful but regret the “broken promises” and recriminations in the wake of court testimony detailing allegations of reneged pledges of funding.

EDITORIAL – The troubling issues surrounding the Hewitt bankruptcy

In May 2013, Velma Powery-Hewitt ran for legislative office in West Bay, finishing fifth in the four-member district. The winners included fellow United Democratic Party candidates McKeeva Bush, Bernie Bush and Eugene Ebanks – as well as one independent candidate, Tara Rivers, who would go on to join the Progressives government in a ministerial position.

Bankrupt Hewitt: UDP reneged on promise to pay for Rivers challenge

After being declared officially bankrupt, 80-year-old John Gordon Hewitt told a court Tuesday he had been “thrown under the bus” by the United Democratic Party.

Premier talks Brexit, budget, beer in London

The Cayman Islands government may wish to pay off some of its $500 million in debts early, according to statements made during the week-long Joint Ministerial Council meeting in London.

EDITORIAL – Barkers: Our ‘national park’ that isn’t

Uh oh. Just when the Cayman Islands government put a lid on popular outrage over the proposed development of land abutting Smith Cove, a new set of construction plans for property in Barkers could reignite public emotions.

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