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Elections Office: Voters without masks can cast ballots

Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell has said voters who opt not to wear masks will not be turned away from polling stations on 14 April.

Candidates and voters urged: ‘Report instances of vote buying’

While campaigns ramp up efforts to attract voters, the Elections Office and police are urging caution regarding candidates’ claims while canvassing for support. The warning comes as accusations of vote buying have circulated unverified in the community.

Q&A with Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell

Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell and his team have been hard at work getting ready for the historic Referendum Day. The Cayman Compass sat down with the Elections boss to find out what it takes to run a referendum.

Will: What interest is served by disenfranchising felons?

What compelling government interest is served by felon disenfranchisement? Enhanced public safety? How? Is it to fine-tune the quality of the electorate?

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Casting a ballot under ‘one man, one vote’

It seems a simple concept: Enter the voters booth, mark “X” next to one name on the ballot, and exit. However, Elections Office managers have received numerous questions at public meetings in recent weeks about the territory’s new “one man, one vote” system.

Voting rights challenge filed with Human Rights Commission

Allegations of voter disenfranchisement, potentially affecting hundreds of Caymanians who reside overseas, have been made to the local Human Rights Commission in a complaint filed on Sept. 23. The case involves a Cayman Islands voter who went to court on Sept. 12 to challenge a decision by the Elections Office in 2012.

Court case a reminder that voter registration a ‘constant process’

Caymanians who register to vote in the territory may not be allowed to maintain that voting status, depending on their place of residence, according to a recent ruling from the electoral revising officer.

EDITORIAL – Early elections: Cayman deserves clarity and certainty

Election time in the Cayman Islands is rapidly approaching. Just when it will arrive … that’s something we’re not so sure about. And it’s a major problem.

Elections chief: Time needed to implement OMOV

Calling an election in the Cayman Islands is a fairly straightforward process, according to the territory’s senior elections official.

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