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Waste-to-energy: Expensive technology that aims to solve landfill problem

At the 5th Caribbean Infrastructure Forum, a discussion by waste-management experts highlighted the many challenges faced by countries in the region to deal with the waste they produce.

EDITORIAL: The landfill saga continues – seemingly without end

The long wait continues, despite last year’s selection of a Dart group-led consortium to build and operate what officials like to call an “Integrated Solid Waste Management System” (or “ISWMS”) but what we’ll refer to as a “new landfill.”

No new landfill site in waste plan

Turning trash into electricity in a waste-to-energy plant is a central part of government’s new national waste management plan, which includes no new landfill site. Jim Schubert, the senior project manager, said the plant would be key to achieving the ambitious target of diverting 95 percent of waste from landfill.

Landfill report suggests turning trash into energy

A new solid waste management plan has been finalized that calls for more recycling, composting and an incinerator to turn waste into electricity for the national power grid.

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