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One in five in Cayman skipped meals or went hungry in lockdown

The economic stress of the COVID-19 crisis is leading to increasing levels of hunger across the Caribbean, according to a recent World Food Programme survey. Disruption to work, unemployment and higher food prices have contributed to more people in the Caribbean and the Cayman Islands skipping meals or going entire days without food, the survey indicates.

Podcast: Caribbean food security in times of pandemic

Regis Chapman, head of the programme's Caribbean office in Barbados, explains what the economic impact of the crisis means for regional food security and ways governments can immediately provide relief. He also explores the role of disaster management in maintaining supply chains and access to essential items.
Cayman's food banks and church pantries are accepting donations.

Caribbean residents suffer growing food insecurity

From a public health perspective, the Caribbean has fared well in tackling the COVID-19 crisis, said Regis Chapman, head of the World Food Programme in the Caribbean. The economic impact of the crisis is a different story.

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