Airport Foster’s reopens

Foster’s Food Fair at the Airport Centre reopened at 7 am this morning after being closed more than three months for repairs to damage from Hurricane Ivan.

Woody Foster, Managing Director of the supermarket chain, said he was relieved to have the largest of the three stores up and running again.

‘This is perhaps the most significant opening we’ve ever had,’ he said. ‘It means a lot to me personally.’

Mr. Foster said everything in the store had to be replaced. Several feet of storm surge water encroached the building and the roof caved in as a result of the weight of too much rain water.

Besides all new equipment, which includes modern electronic cash registers, the supermarket now features colourful wall accents and a new floor.

‘We took the opportunity to update and freshen up our look,’ said Marketing Supervisor Maria Tom-Pack. ‘It’s brighter now.’

The store has added two new cash registers, one of which is near the deli for express check-outs, joining another that was already there.

The hot deli bar has been extended in length, and the coffer bar is bigger as well, said Mrs. Tom-Pack.

‘We’ll also serve custom-made pizzas here now,’ said Mrs. Tom-Pack, adding that there will be some new merchandise on the shelves as well.

Although the original location at the Airport Centre has reopened, Mr. Foster said the temporary store at the far end of the building will remain open through Christmas as well, selling bulk items and goods like large appliances and electronics.

Early next year, the temporary location will be closed down for refitting and conversion to a warehouse store called Priced Right. It will be similar to Costco or B.J.’s Wholesale Club in North America, except customers will not have to pay a membership fee.

The West Bay Republix store reopened shortly after the hurricane. The Strand location is not scheduled to reopen until the first week of February, Mr. Foster said.

Foster’s Food Fair at the Airport Centre just celebrated its 24th anniversary 10 December.

Mr. Foster said he was extremely appreciative of the support the business received through the Hurricane Ivan experience. ‘I’m very thankful for the patience of all our vendors, customers and staff,’ he said.

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