New liquor licences sought

Eight new applications were heard for the first time at the quarterly session of the Liquor Licensing Board on Thursday 9 December at the Grand Pavilion Commercial Centre.

The new applications are now under consideration by the board.

These included that of Mr. Derren Burlington for a Retail Liquor Licence and a Music & Dancing Licence for Cat 6, Grand Pavilion, West Bay Road, No. 802.

Mr. Burlington told the board that he has plans to provide a bar to relieve stress and for socialising. There are also plans to provide lunch and breakfast. Wine receptions, buffets or business after hours events could also be held on the premises, he said. The bar would be in the courtyard area of Grand Pavilion, by the pool.

In response to a question from board member Noel Williams the applicant said he did not have any long term experience personally in the catering business.

Attorney for Mr. Burlington, Samuel Jackson said that Mr. Burlington worked with the Drugs Task Force for at least 15 years, which would work as a great asset for him in the industry.

Mr. Alan Silverman of Al La Kebab, Unit M, Marquee Plaza, Lawrence Blvd had applied for a Retail Liquor Licence and a Music & Dancing Licence.

The business has been running for two years and many customers had requested a drink with their meal. He said while he did not intend to create a ‘booze shack’ he would like to be able to offer beer or wine to compliment a meal.

It was his ninth year in Cayman and his 18th year in the restaurant industry, he said.

Eighteen seats are outside under an awning, with the entitlement for 30 seats. Staff had a direct view of the seating area and he would acquire security to add to the security already present at the complex.

Messrs. L Stanley and Prentice Panton applied for a Package Liquor Licence for Liquor 4 Less, Block 20B, Parcels 267 and 269, George Town.

The property is on the parcel of land used by Food 4 Less, the board heard. A total re-development of this property is to be undertaken and a provisional licence is being sought. The present building would be demolished for the re-development.

Chairman of the Board Mitchell Welds was told that the food business would be separate from the liquor store, with at least one or more units separating them. Security would also be on hand.

Mr. Agnelo Fernandes of Bayside Café, North Church Street applied for a Retail Liquor Licence and a Music and Dancing Licence. Mr. Fernandes said the dancing and liquor licences were being sought for the downstairs part of the building, where he planned to have dancing after dinner.

Mr. Ken Thompson was seeking a Package Liquor Licence for The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman Retail Market, West Bay Road. He said his market would be primarily The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman hotel guests, but also for tourist staying in condos in the area and for residents.

He said the site was good and would attract large numbers. He has 18 years experience in the food industry.

Ms Cynthia Butler of Full of Beans Café, 41 Pasadora Place, Smith Road applied for a Retail Licence and a Music and Dancing Licence.

The small café/bistro offers high quality food and has seating for less than 30 people, said Ms Butler who has been in Cayman for 23 years.

Customers repeatedly ask her for beer or wine with their meals and she’s afraid they’ll go elsewhere to get this, she told the board. The dancing licence was being sought for holding private parties, she said.

Mr. Gaurth D. McKenzie applied for a Package Liquor Licence for Block 20 B, Parcel 356, North Sound Road.

Mr. McKenzie outlined his experience in the hotel/restaurant business to the board. The space he is trying to acquire is near CUC and he has information that a new development will be going up there with lots of boats and trips to Stingray City leaving from there.

Messrs. Venners and Randy Whittaker are seeking a Package Liquor Licence for Jack’s Esso, North Side.

Mr. Whittaker’s father owns the gas station in North Side, the board heard, and a lot of tourists request a six pack of beer. These customers have to be referred to Bodden Town. No hard liquor, just a licence to sell beer and wine, was being sought by the couple. The building would not adjoin the gas station, but be in a separate building.

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