New ship seeks liquor licence

A Retail Liquor Licence and a Music and Dancing Licence are being sought for the M/V Valhalla ship, which is on its way to Grand Cayman.

The new application had been deferred from a previous meeting and was dealt with at the quarterly session of the Liquor Licensing Board on Thursday 9 December.

The applicant, Mr. Harmukhdev Lalli said the ship is very similar to the Jolly Roger (a replica of a 17th Century Spanish Galleon), but with a much greater capacity.

The ship would be geared toward cruise passengers during the day and used for sunset cocktail cruises in the evening, said Mr. Lalli.

‘Now that the hurricane season is over we’re trying to get into the Cayman Islands just before Christmas or in the first week of January,’ he said.

Chairman of the Board Mitchell Welds asked for photos of the vessel and Mr. Lalli agreed to drop them into the board later that afternoon.

Mr. Lalli was also seeking a Retail Liquor Licence and a Music & Dancing Licence from the board for New Coconut Harbour, 468 South Church Street.

He explained that this property had formerly been a hotel and had a bar called The Blue Parrot. The building had lost its roof and walls in the hurricane, but he was still proceeding with the project, he said.

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