C&W out trying to restore phone lines

Cable & Wireless has said its crews will continue restoration work in the following areas this week:

In West Bay, from the intersection of Capt. Reginald Parson Drive along Andersen Road to Birch Tree Hill. Batabano Road including Bonneville Estates, The Shores and Garvin Road

On West Bay Road, from Snug Harbour to the Hyatt. Also Lizard Run Drive, Dunlop Drive past Royal Palms and Island Pine.

In George Town: along Dr. Roy’s Drive, Fort Street, Mary Street including Diaz Lane, Edward Street and Rock Hole Road.

In Prospect: along Marina Drive.

In Savannah: from Oleander Drive on Hurst Road to Cool Springs Close, including Savannah Acres.

Various areas in North Side

In the meantime, Company Officials are reporting that work was completed in the following areas last week:

Owen Roberts Drive, Somerset Dr, Breezy Way, Shedden Road and MacLendon Drive.

From the West Bay graveyard to the post office and junction of Watercourse Rd & North West Point Road).

C&W would like to thank its customers for their patience and understanding during this period of restoration. We urge individuals with access to the Internet to visit our website at www.candw.ky, click on restoration schedule and follow the prompts to determine the expected restoration date for their service. Other customers may call 811 for the same service.

Customers should note that the dates noted are the ‘worst case scenario’ and in many instances, restoration has begun before the date given.

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