Heeding the bark and call

Kirk Supermarket doubled donations of CI$1205.00 from customers at Kirk Supermarket, to CI$2,410 before donating the total amount to a local charity. A year ago Kirk Supermarket started a program of Kirk Kurrency. When shoppers received the Kirk Kurrency they had the option of donating the Kirk Kurrency by depositing them in a box at the exit of the supermarket. The Kirk Kurrency raised was then redeemed for CI currency and doubled by the supermarket. The Cayman Islands Humane Society was chosen to be the recipient of the donation and a check for CI$2,410 was presented by Mr. Renrick Christian, General Manager of Kirk Supermarket, to CI Humane Society President Mr. Guisseppe Gatta and Humane Society members Dianne Siebens and Pamela Hart during a recent Humane Society fund raising event held at Kirk Supermarket.

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