Today’s Editorial: It’s all about planning

When buying or selling real estate it’s all about location, location, location.

When anticipating an act of God or Mother Nature, it’s all about planning, planning, planning.

That message should be loud and clear to the Cayman Islands following the passing of Category 5 Hurricane Ivan and the earthquake that had Grand Cayman rattled Tuesday evening.

Work is already being done using studies and surveys taken after Ivan to come up a good, solid hurricane plan.

James Lee Witt and his associates are already in the Cayman Islands after being hired by Government to coordinate the recovery effort and advise on the way forward following the hurricane.

He advises that the best thing the Cayman Islands can do is develop a public/private partnership, do the planning, do the training, do the exercises and mitigate.

He prophetically said last week at the Westin that ‘we are living in a world where natural hazards are becoming more frequent and more intense.

Little did he or his audience know that a magnitude 6.7 earthquake would strike Grand Cayman only days later.

While there was no damage done to the island, a 6.7 magnitude temblor can cause severe damage in populated areas. While the quake had a high magnitude it wasn’t as intense as it could have been.

The only trauma experienced were those who suffered shock and had to go to hospital because of the earthquake.

Mr. Witt has rightly suggested that disaster plans should go beyond the national realm.

Private individuals and businesses should also develop their own plans for getting through and coping with disasters and their after-effects.

Everyone hopes and prays that the Cayman Islands has had enough natural disasters this year to last many lifetimes.

But acts of God and Mother Nature are going to happen. Hurricanes can be predicted; earthquakes can’t.

The lesson that should be learned in all of this is, be prepared. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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