Abandoned house burns

Officials are investigating the cause of a fire that engulfed an abandoned house in West Bay early Sunday morning.

The house was located on the beach near the junction of North West Point Road and Town Hall Road.

According to the incident report filed with the Fire Department Headquarters, 911 received a call at 4.25am about smoke coming from the house. A tanker and a rescue unit were despatched from the West Bay station and they arrived at the scene at 4.29am.

Officers at the scene reported that the blaze was under control within nine or ten minutes. They also advised that they did not need any back-up.

Mr. Mark Solomon, who was passing by, stopped to observe what was happening. He told the Caymanian Compass there was very little breeze at the time and no one expressed any fear that the fire might spread.

It was not known at press time who owns the property.

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