Free internet until January

Cable and Wireless is offering customers free Internet using HotSpots in select locations until January 2005.

All customers, including those who do not have working telephone lines, can still get access to the Internet, and the service is free of charge.

HotSpots enable users to enjoy high-speed wireless Internet access in convenient public locations – and they provide smooth connections to surf the net, download email attachments, watch live webcasts, or listen to streaming audio.

Connecting to the Cable & Wireless HotSpot network is fast and easy. Here is what you need:

A Laptop, Pocket PC, or Handheld Device that is 802.11b wireless-enabled – many devices have this capability built-in, but for those that don’t have it, wireless networking cards can be purchased at computer retailers.

A Web Browser – when you launch any standard Internet-ready browser, just follow the on-screen instructions to authenticate your connection on the Cable & Wireless open authentication network.

A Service Plan – HotSpot access is free of charge until January 2005. Customers will need their Cable & Wireless dialup or ADSL login ID and password in order to login at a HotSpot.

Cable & Wireless HotSpot Internet access is available at the West Bay Communication Station, the Marquee Store, and at the Cable & Wireless mobile van, with more locations to be added.

Customers who do not know their Internet login ID and password should call the Internet helpdesk at 811 with a copy of their telephone bill.

For more information, visit your local call centre, the Cable and Wireless mobile van, or

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