New liquor distribution centre OK’d

A Distributor Liquor Licence to import beverages for the cruise and stay-over tourist market is just one of the new liquor licences granted to Mr. Don Seymour.

The distributor company is to be called DMS Distribution the quarterly meeting of the Liquor Licensing Board heard on Thursday 9 December. The distributor centre is to be located at 368 Shedden Road, George Town.

Mr. Seymour was also granted a Retail Liquor Licence and Duty Free Package Liquor Licence at Royal Watler Cruise Terminal on Fort Street, and a Retail Liquor Licence and Package Liquor Licence at Queenscourt Plaza on West Bay Road.

Mr. Seymour outlined to the board that there are 40 to 50,000 brands of adult beverages available worldwide, of which only a few hundred are currently available in the Cayman Islands. He said he wanted to sell brands that are not currently available on the island, to give people extra choice.

Ms. Seymour said he had already invested in this project.

‘We’ve acquired land for the distribution facility and have made an agreement with the second largest adult beverage company in the world,’ he told the board.

Objector to the Package Liquor Licences, Mr. William (Bill) Baldwin of Blackbeard’s Rum Company Ltd., said the objections were based on service to the public already being satisfactory.

Blackbeard’s has a store at Seven Mile Shops and the Queenscourt Plaza is practically next door, he said.

‘The needs of the public are already adequately served there.’

Mr. Baldwin said the same holds for Mr. Seymour’s application at the cruise terminal because Blackbeard’s have a store on the waterfront. It is Blackbeard’s intention to re-open there in January so the needs of the public will be served, he said.

Mr. Seymour told the board that the only thing his liquor stores will have in common with Blackbeard’s is the fact that they are liquor stores.

He used the analogy of fast food restaurants to illustrate his point, saying that Wendy’s, Burger King and McDonald’s are all fast food outlets, but they differ greatly in what they are offering. It would be the same for his liquor store when compared with others, he said.

‘We are talking about bringing in different products. This is a totally different approach. Our focus is on bringing in those brands that have not previously been here.

‘I don’t see this as grabbing the market share from anyone, but of increasing the market,’ he said.

Mr. Seymour clarified to the board that he had applied for the retail licences to allow people to taste the alcohol before purchase.

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