Tourism assesses quake

The affects of Tuesday evening’s earthquake on tourism in the Cayman Islands is being assessed, according to Acting Director of Tourism Pilar Bush.

Speaking from the Department of Tourism’s New York office on Thursday, Ms. Bush said that less than 90 minutes after the 6.8 magnitude quake struck, the news was posted on the internet. This was posted not only as meteorological or seismological reports but as consumer news.

‘Someone filed an Associated Press report from Grand Cayman and the news got out very quickly that way.

‘In terms of distribution of news, that has a very wide effect,’ said Ms Bush of the major United States’ news agency network.

The Acting Director, who is in charge of marketing the Cayman Islands as a tourism product in the US, said she has not received any negative tourism related feedback regarding the earthquake, but there has been some curiosity from people about it.

‘There has been nothing overtly negative about the earthquake yet but it remains to be seen whether there will be as we try to assess the situation,’ Ms Bush added.

The quake, which struck the Cayman Islands region 14 December, came nearly exactly three months on from when devastating Hurricane Ivan hit the Cayman Islands 12 September.