Shop at home for Christmas

There are two and a half days left to shop for Christmas goodies.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that Christmas shopping is done here in the Cayman Islands.

Everyone is trying to recover from Hurricane Ivan, especially the merchants.

A backlog of shipments is already stymieing the efforts of most retailers to offer the Cayman Islands the latest in Christmas offerings.

The good news is that most retailers are reporting strong Christmas sales despite Ivan.

Shopping locally does nothing less than boost the local economy.

It is calculated that a dollar spent turns over seven times in the economy.

Every dollar that can be captured in the Cayman Islands can only help in the recovery of Hurricane Ivan.

It is the duty of every resident and citizen o the Cayman Islands to make sure that the local economy not only survives, but flourishes.

This Christmas season presents a unique challenge to every resident, citizen and visitor on the Cayman Islands.

You may not be able to find that oh-so-perfect gifts that’s been anticipated and planned for.

Instead, look at the passage of Hurricane Ivan to find something unique as a gift to that special loved one or friend.

There are plenty of opportunities.

This is another gift from Ivan – the chance to look outside the norm and find ways to bring cheer to others in unique ways.

That special gift can be a food basket from a local grocer, a floral arrangement from a Cayman florist, something native done from the many gift shops around the islands.

This is the season that normally makes or breaks the retailers that are the backbone of the economy of the Cayman Islands.

Helping the Cayman Islands merchants is the best Christmas present everyone in the islands can give this Christmas.

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