Air passengers grounded overnight in Bahamas

Passengers travelling from Cayman to London for Christmas got more than they bargained for Wednesday evening when they were grounded overnight in Nassau, the Bahamas.

One hundred and two passengers had boarded the British Airways flight 252 at Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman. The flight travels four times a week between London and Grand Cayman, via Nassau.

The Boeing 767 airplane developed a problem with its engine after landing in Nassau an hour after departing Grand Cayman at 9.45pm Wednesday evening. It was due to leave Nassau for London an hour after landing there. There was nothing wrong with the plane when it left Cayman according to BA’s Country Manager for the Cayman Islands, Ms Patrizia Amante.

‘The plane was grounded for safety reasons. Safety comes above all else for our British Airways passengers,’ she said.

Passengers were put up at a hotel in Nassau courtesy of BA while a replacement aircraft was flown to the Bahamas from London.

The passengers were re-scheduled to leave Nassau at 5pm local time Thursday afternoon, having spent 18 hours on the Caribbean island. The flight on to London was estimated to take about eight hours.

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