Tortuga meets the demand

Nearly 3000 packages left the Tortuga Rum Cake Company’s South Miami warehouse Friday, December 16th.

The holiday shipments set a new one-day record for this family-owned business that weathered the devastation of Hurricane Ivan just three months before.

With headquarters and three bakeries in Grand Cayman, the Tortuga Rum Company faced a daunting rebuilding task after the Category 5 storm engulfed the tiny island in mid September.

Known worldwide for their Tortuga Rum Cakes, the company quickly went into action to regain operations and prepare for the upcoming holiday demand.

Within a month, the sweet smell of baking rum cakes had returned to Grand Cayman. Now the company is enjoying its most successful season of online and mail order sales – shipping their delicious rumcakes and other Tortuga Caribbean gourmet products throughout the world.

‘That we have been able to meet demand and are having our best holiday sales year yet, is truly a miracle,’ says Monique Hamaty-Simmonds, president of Tortuga Imports/Tortuga Rum Cake Company in Miami Florida, whose family started the company 20 years ago in Grand Cayman.

‘The dedication of ourCayman employees who also faced so many personal hardships from the storm, the hard work of everyone throughout our company and the support of our suppliers and vendors has helped us overcome so much to achieve this banner year.’

All Tortuga Rum Cakes are hand glazed with a specially blended five-year old Tortuga Gold Rum before being vacuum-packed and heat sealed. This procedure ensures a moist delectable cake with a shelf life of at least six months or indefinitely if refrigerated or frozen. Tortuga Rum Cakes come in seven delightful flavors – original golden with walnuts, chocolate, coconut, banana, Blue Mountain coffee, key lime and pineapple. The company also offers a wide variety of savory Caribbean sauces, rum-flavored coffees, fudge, honey, gift baskets and other gift items.

In November the company proudly introducedTortuga ‘A Taste of Florida’ Rum Cakes, uniquely gift packaged to capture the appeal of the 76 million tourists that visit Florida each year. They are available in three flavors – orange, coconut and key lime.

Tortuga Rum Cakes and GourmetProducts are available in gift and specialty food departments and gourmet stores throughout the Caribbean and North America. The complete line can be ordered on the company website at or by calling toll free 1-800-444-0625.