Champ at World Gym

International bodybuilding star Carla Yee Sing is now based at Grand Cayman’s World Gym and offering her services to anyone interested in getting fit in 2005.

Carla was an accomplished track and Taekwondo athlete in Jamaica before taking up bodybuilding.

She excelled in martial arts, winning more than 36 trophies and medals. A broken ankle, however, caused her to re-think her goals. While rehabilitating the injury in a gym, she was approached by a Jamaican national team bodybuilding coach who encouraged her to give the sport a try.

After six months of hard training, Carla entered and won her first bodybuilding contest. ‘I was so impressed with the difference it made in my life, both mentally and physically,’ she said, ‘that I decided to study the art of bodybuilding.’

Over the years since her decision to give it a try, Sing has won numerous titles, including the INBF Ms Universe and INBF Caribbean Grand Prix crowns. Carla says she is deeply committed to her job as a personal trainer and fitness instructor.

‘I always had that deep desire to sculpt any body that is placed in my hands.’

Carla is a Certified Personal Trainer with AFFA, a certified international Taekwondo instructor, and a professional bodybuilder. She is available for private and group training sessions. Call 949-5132 for details.

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