Henry, friends need homes

The Cayman Islands Humane Society animal shelter is filled beyond capacity with dogs and cats that need homes.

‘We’re up to 34 dogs and 22 cats,’ said assistant manager Sugar Evans. ‘We’re really over our limit right now.’

Ms Evans said more animals are arriving at the shelter each day

Making the situation more difficult is the fact that the Human Society does not allow adoptions over the holidays.

‘We’ve learned over the years that many of the animals adopted during the holidays end up back here in January or February,’ said Ms Evans.

‘A lot of times people will give someone an adopted pet for Christmas, but it isn’t something they wanted, so they just bring it back here after the holidays,’ she said. ‘It’s unfair to the animals.’

The holiday season did bring a ray of hope for one small puppy, saved from Cayman’s streets.

Found around Bobby Thompson Way on the 26 November, the mange-ridden male puppy was rescued and taken to Island Veterinary Services.

However, once his would-be rescuer discovered that the treatment for the dog’s skin disease far exceeded her commitment and financial capability, he was abandoned once again.

Three days later, the pup was again rescued from along the side of the road.

This time his good fortune landed him in the caring arms of the Cayman Islands Humane Society staff.

One look at the pitiful pup and a kiss on the hand was all it took for staff members to rally to his rescue and begin the lengthy and painful treatments he would need to recover from this terrible skin disease.

His sweet disposition and dismal physical condition won the heart of everyone who came to visit.

The puppy, since dubbed Henry, is isolated from the other dogs at the shelter because of the contagious mange.

Henry now has plenty of caring human friends giving him the love and attention he needs.

Once the mange is cured, he will join his fellow canine orphans that wait for a new family and home of their own.

Many of the animals in the shelter have stories similar Harry’s. All of the dogs and cats must be adopted.

The CIHS board of directors and shelter staff are appealing for help from the community in finding homes for these animals.

‘The comfort and fun an adopted pet can bring to a family and home is the essence of the Christmas spirit itself,’ said a Human Society spokesperson.

‘Please consider the plight of our animal friends and we encourage everyone to visit the shelter. If you have a heart and a home to share, please see Harry and his friends.’

Animal adoptions will recommence at the shelter 4 January.

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