Saturday sale for Asian tsunami victims

Beyond the Horizon, a Grand Cayman shop specializing in Asian art, jewellery and furniture will hold a giant sidewalk sale Saturday at its Galleria Plaza location.

Thousand of items will be up for sale and all money collected on the day will be donated to local charity group Cayman Loves Children.

Cayman Loves Children announced last week that it is forwarding all donations received in the month of January to aid groups working in the field with Asian tsunami victims.

‘We get all of our stock from Asia so obviously we feel very upset about this disaster,’ said Ms Tara Parker, owner of Beyond the Horizon. ‘We will put absolutely everything we have in our warehouse up for sale and the prices will be very low. Every penny that we are paid Saturday we will give to Cayman Loves Children. We want to sell everything we have and we want donations. These are beautiful pieces, not junk. My husband [Mr. Tim Parker] and I feel that this is the best way we can help in this terrible situation.’

Ms Parker said none of the warehouse stock is storm damaged. Included in Saturday’s sale will be pottery, artwork, jewellery, bed throws, clothing, kitchen ware, textiles, cushion covers and much more. The items are from many Asian countries, including India, Indonesia and Thailand.

The sidewalk sale begins this Saturday at 10am and lasts until 5pm. Beyond the Horizon is unable to accept credit cards at this time. Local checks will be accepted. For more information about the sale, phone 946-1498.

The official Cayman Loves Children website is at and donations may be mailed directly to Cayman Loves Children at PO Box 30383 SMB, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

The current tsunami death toll is some 150,000. More than 5 million have been left homeless, an estimated one-third of those are children.

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