CI slightly shaken

A small earthquake was recorded in the Cayman Islands Tuesday.

The recording, which the seismograph in the Mosquito Research and Control lab made, has been sent to the University of the West Indies Mona (Jamaica) campus to establish the magnitude of the tremor.

The mini quake hit at 2.20pm.

Its size had not been confirmed up to Thursday.

‘We can assume that this was smaller than a magnitude of 4 since it was not listed on the US Geological Survey website,’ said MRCU Assistant Director Dr Alan Wheeler. ‘The USGS monitors earthquake activity globally but it only records earthquakes over magnitude four on its website.’

The MRCU seismograph was installed in December when Dr. Margaret Wiggins-Grandison, from the University of the West Indies visited the island to assess the damage caused by the 14 December earthquake which registered as magnitude 6.8, states a GIS press release.

This seismograph is on loan to MRCU from the University of the West Indies for the next few months, until government acquires its own seismographs, expected early this year.

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