Today’s Editorial: Outpouring of love

It’s quite unlikely that the small children in Asia trying to overcome the ravages of gigantic tsunamis know many people in the Cayman Islands.

But that didn’t stop hundreds of shoppers in Grand Cayman from turning out en-masse Saturday to take part in a giant sale aimed at generating aid revenue.

Once again the group Cayman Loves Children has rallied and come up with an inventive way – through the owners of Beyond the Horizon – to generate money for children in dire need.

Cayman Loves Children is a Cayman Islands charity group focused on raising awareness and money for the world’s most impoverished children.

The group keeps an eye out on world events and helps to ensure relief, whether through clothing, food, supplies, equipment or money, to children everywhere.

Cayman Loves Children was instrumental recently at its home in Grand Cayman of ensuring that children recovering from Septembers Hurricane Ivan received something at Christmas.

This past weekend’s efforts netted more than $US11,000, which will be sent to UNICEF’s tsunami relief project for children.

All in the Cayman Islands who have opened their wallets and purses to children and others in need in Asia are to be commended.

The kindness is just another measuring tool of the generosity evident throughout the Cayman Islands.

It is a time when many families are still struggling to recover from their owner tragedies caused from Ivan and the stresses brought on from recent earthquakes.

The tsunami and the worldwide outpouring of care have shown that everyone is indeed his brothers’ keeper.

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